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Bob Iger Reveals When STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Will Take Place

Disney’s annual shareholder’s meeting took place today, and among other announcements, CEO Bob Iger dropped some news about Star Wars: Episode VII. First of all, he reiterated the only official member of the cast as of right now is R2-D2. That’s not news, but it’s easy to lose track with rumors flying everywhere about potential cast members. Iger also revealed that the sequel trilogy will begin 30 years after Return of the Jedi.

Fans suspected the timing would fall near Jedi, and the math works out. Return of the Jedi was released in 1983, just over 30 years ago. That means if Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher are indeed coming back and reprising their roles in the film, the actors would be just the right age to match the characters. Additionally, the theory that they’re in the movie matches further comments from Iger: According to Inside the Magic, Iger said the film would have “very familiar faces returning, joining a “trio of new leads.”

If the Skywalkers or Solos have children in Episode VII, this timing could put the kids at around 20-30 years old. I’m guessing they’d be closer to the 20-year-old mark, making them the right ages to match Luke, Han, and Leia in A New Hope. We don’t know yet if they’ll have children, but it’s possible and would be a great way to transition the torch to a new generation.

How do you feel about this time frame?

HT: Inside the Magic

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  1. nobody important says:

    I like star wars. I have a problem with the Jedi knights. Each Jedi in training needs a Master and they call them a Master. Maybe they are actual slaves in training until they earn privileges from their Master. I would never call anymore a Master because it is a slavery thing to me.

  2. sammijo says:

    As long as Hayden Christiansen isn’t in it, I’ll be happy! He ruined the new ones for me. Awaiting with optimistic anticipation and hoping for the best!

  3. Bio says:

    I just say BOO to the whole thing.

  4. Jordan says:

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but the whole next trilogy has nothing to do with canon from the novels or video games. This is all about the next generation as an original story set only in the movie verse. And that’s the way it should be if you want a proper story.

  5. John S says:

    Except the Thrawn trilogy of books was collaborated with officially and accepted by Lucas to be canon. So, uh, try again T.J.

  6. Rick says:

    I just wanted to post on what seems to be a very serious thread.
    Chewie’s death. 🙁
    Ben skywalker.
    The millennium falcon story. All of it! Origin most.
    Lando and vuffi ra.
    Im on the fence about the zombie story but…. walkn dead FNA.
    THE MAW installation.
    That is my say.

  7. T. J. Wibblywobbly says:

    The facts are these: Officially, the movies are the only things that are completely canon. The books are not canon at all and the Clone Wars tv series is sort of canon.
    Think of it like this, the books are stories based on the characters and the tv series is like someone telling the history of the war that may or may not have gotten certain parts wrong (who met who, who was involved in what battle etc.)

  8. Pete Arballo says:

    Does anyone else remember that Harrison Ford wants nothing to do with Star Wars or has that changed? Let me know if you know, but HF has really wanted to distance himself from Solo and anything to do with SW. He wont even answer questions about that stuff in interviews, its one of those things people know not to ask him about if they want a interview and such.

  9. Pete says:

    Does anyone else remember that Harrison Ford wants nothing to do with Star Wars or has that changed?

  10. Another Hannah Montana Movie says:

    I wonder if Luke will finally come out of the closet in this latest film?

  11. Chris B says:

    Ok. Star Wars has always been a story about 2 characters. R2D2 and C-3PO. Lucas said this years ago. Yes the Skywalker boys are the ones you are meant to focus on, but it’s always been about the life of these 2 unassuming droids and the adventures they’ve had together throughout their curiously long life spans. That was of course, until Lucas changed everything he’d always said about his SW universe when he let Anakin “build” C-3PO. And as for Zahn’s trilogy, though not nearly as good as some of the later novels, they were the first and for a long time the only official material accepted by Lucas as canon.

  12. Ryan Crowley says:

    J. J. never reset Felicity. And I think you are confusing resetting with time travel. He puts time travel in about everything he does, including Felicity.

  13. olise says:

    I am not trying to start any thing, but why would any body want to watch toughs three farting around? I hope they play a small role on the Jedi counsel or something.

  14. Jamie Douglas says:

    Again, they have already announced that Disney is scrapping the post-Jedi EU. ANd that’s a good thing. Face it, most of them are terrible.

  15. JakeOllyB44 says:

    It’s not going to be the same! Star Wars (Episodes 1-6) was the story of Anakin Skywalker’s life, his time as a student, hero, villian, dictator and finally his redemption. If these new Episodes take place 30 years after his death, they are, in my eyes not ‘Star Wars’ anymore – just stories that HAPPEN to take place in the Star Wars universe.

  16. I definitely hope they’re not about to undo the canon of the books and other media material. Because if they do, I’m gonna be a little pissed off.

  17. Jamie Douglas says:

    Whooops, I meant “all of the books or comics taking place after Return of the Jedi are scrapped.”

  18. Jamie Douglas says:

    They have already announced that none of the books or comics taking place after Return of the Jedi are scrapped. Which is good. The Thrawn trilogy was *painfully* overrated (I would even say awful), and the Vong war was very, very un-Star Wars.

  19. NachoKingP says:

    Philby: He didn’t reset anything on LOST. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse wrote that show, JJ wrote the pilot and produced it but had little to do with that shows arc. And they didn’t really even “reset” it anyway.

  20. Philby says:

    I have absoloutely zero faith in J.J. To me he is the great reseter, name one thing he has done where he doesn’t reset it.

    Lost – reset half way through with an “alternate timeline”
    Fringe – reset in the second last season with an “alternate timeline” then reset the whole show as an ending
    Star Trek – reset the entire universe at the start of his movie and threw away 40ish years of Canon with a big middle finger just in case you thought it would be good.

    Won’t be surprised if Luke’s son has to go back in time and stop his grandfather from turning to the dark side in order to stop his ghost from destroying the universe in the future.

  21. Katherine says:

    I heard that they don’t want the movies to follow the books, which bothers me because Lucas had to approve every single book and demanded continuity and cannon. If the new movies don’t touch that cannon, that’s a huge dissevice. I would be THRILLED if the new movies covered NJO. I want to see the kids! Give me the Zekk/Jaina/Jag triangle, give me Tahiri and the Vong war, the tech/bio battle and the rediscovery of the Sith. That would be so awesome and a great hat tip to all the authors who have spent the last 30 years expanding the Star Wars Universe for generations of readers!

  22. Jack says:

    I would not place too much stock in the extended universe. Sure, there were one or two good books, but these movies can easily come along and say that none of those things happened. The films (and Clone Wars cartoon?) are the only thing that is cannon. So I would not look to the books for an idea of what should and should not be in these movies.

    ‘Course, thats just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  23. Exarkun says:

    It would have been awesome if they could have done the truce at bakura and the rise of the new republic

  24. lordoracle says:

    I doubt they would go to Darth Caedus yet because it would just be a rush. I would want them to get the kids established first.

    If they reveal Chewbacca will be in it, that means it predates the New Jedi Order storyline (which I’ve wanted to see a live version of, but it is 21 years after Jedi), but even if a new trilogy were centered on NJO, there is a lot of story they’d have to pick through.

  25. BonesJones says:

    YUUZHAN VONG! that’s what I want to see

  26. brian says:

    well the time line in the books places it right in the middle of the Yuuzhan Vong War, that would be cool tech vs biomechanical on the big screen

  27. nicole says:

    I agree with Jack. Please not Darth Caedus!! But super stoked to the possibilities 🙂

  28. Disgruntled Jedi says:

    I will pledge all my credits to the Disney Side as long as they kill Jar-jar

  29. Sergio says:

    If they bring old cartera back they should have a small part but that has a big importance to it and it shouldn’t be about thier kids that’s just an easy way for the movies to go but I think it should at least have a new sith and a new Jedi and a beautiful girl of course, love triangle…? I’ll just have to wait and see.

  30. Jack says:

    I’m hoping it won’t be the Darth Caedus storyline. That was quite anticlimactic.

  31. James says:

    In the extended universe the Solos had Twins and 1 Boy. That matches.