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Blunt Talk From Sir Patrick Stewart, Elijah Wood Has Cooties: The Week In Podcasts

We were graced with some great guests this week on the Nerdist Podcast Network — not as busy a schedule as usual, but check the quality:

The majesty that is Sir Patrick Stewart returned for a second go-round on the Nerdist Podcast, and this time it was a proper studio edition — the last one was a live interview at a con in Chicago a few years back. He told stories about his work with Sir Ian McKellen and Rod Steiger, how Picard might have looked and sounded different, politics and culture in the U.S. and Europe, and Wil Wheaton, because of course. Sir Patrick’s starring in Blunt Talk on Starz.

Elijah Wood, making the rounds to promote his new movie Cooties, guested on the Nerdist Podcast to talk about being a child actor (finally, a good experience), the Oakwood Apartments, DJ-ing, and low-budget horror movies, like his company’s new one, Cooties, in which he appears (that wasn’t the initial plan, but you know how it goes).

Violent Femmes came by the Nerdist Podcast to gladden the hearts of classic Alt-Rock fans everywhere. They’re back and recording new music, but besides talking about their process, they discussed the genesis of the band in Milwaukee, what it’s like to still be singing songs written when you were 15 years old, and the importance of college radio support that made “Blister in the Sun” a staple despite never being a single. And they — the band and Chris — sing.

Dana Gould was the last of this year’s Boys of Summer on The JV Club to talk about The Confused States of America, how his daughter inspired a Simpsons episode, being a “real nerd” as a kid, ghosts, rifles, not having photos of himself as a teen, and much more, including a brief mention of Janet puking.

You loved him as “The Guy With The Beard At The California Retreat” on the last episode of Mad Men, and this week, Brett Gelman brought Gelmania to You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes to hear Pete’s impression of him and engage in silliness about Robert “China” Towne and Sinatra and more serious stuff (as Pete is wont to provoke) about how people perceive things differently and cats and Brett’s father’s dementia and the writing process and the requisite much more.

This week’s edition of The Indoor Kids came from you: It was the first totally crowdsourced episode, with clips from devoted, smart, entertaining fans. There are a LOT of clips from a LOT of people. Great idea, great execution. Thanks to all who contributed.

Bowser soloed on Bizarre States, and he has your weird news about werewolf muzzles and ghosts and lots about marrying ghosts and Bowser’s backyard.

Trainer Derek Opperman compared notes with Tom on Pro You, talking about old school training (a fitness bus!) and becoming a trainer and helping people live a healthier life.

Kevin and Steve told us their Top Ten Movie Crushes on Chewin’ It, and they are SO ’80s, from vintage Lea Thompson to Phoebe Cates, plus some detours to more modern times like Ashley Judd (and, for Lemme, her mom). Oh, and Kevin has to grow his mustache for Super Troopers 2, and Lemme needs a beard. Can’t they just draw ’em on?

Network executives told us the ins and outs of buying shows on another Nerdist Writers Panel from the ATX Television Festival in Austin, including reps from NBC, Starz, Fox Animation, and HBO.

Ed Skrein and Loal Chabanol, the stars of The Transporter: Refueled, came by the comic store to trade facts with Razzle on Today We Learned with talk about Audis and New York’s High Line and the emotion of Inside Out.

And we got Part 2 of Lachlan Patterson’s visit to the showroom on The Todd Glass Show.

It’s all on the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and at the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page. If you’re in a country that observes Labor (or Labour) Day, you have three whole weekend days to catch up, so… GO!

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Blunt Talk, Starz

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