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Blizzard Teases New Heroes, Skins, and Mounts for HEROES OF THE STORM

I am sure by now I have told you all about my current obsession with Heroes Of The Storm. Oh yeah, there it is. Well, after their Diablo-themed event known as Eternal Conflict marked the start of new content flooding into the “hero battler,” it seems Blizzard just can’t stop themselves from offering up even more for the Heroes playerbase. A recent teaser video has shown off two more heroes that will be added to the game soon, as well as some fun new skins and mounts for players to show off with while battling beyond the Nexus.

Both of the new heroes, Lt. Morales and Artanis, were already teased by Blizzard at Gamescom 2015, alongside the recent releases of Kharazim and Rexxar. One can speculate their release will coincide with November’s launch of the final Starcraft II expansion. It would then be a safe bet to expect to see the Marshal Raynor skin as well as the Outrider, Void Speeder, and Vulture mounts. Basically, if it is based on Starcraft, it will most likely come out in November.

It is surprising that with this many Starcraft-themed items coming to Heroes soon, Blizzard still does not plan to hold any kind of Starcraft event like they did with Diablo. Seeing as Eternal Conflict included two new battlegrounds added to the game, one can speculate that Blizzard does not want to saturate the game with multiple themed arenas in such a short amount of time. That, or they didn’t want to take the time to build them.

My personal highlights from the tease include the Samus-style coloring of Lt. Morales’ variant master skin…


How much Marshal Raynor reminds me of Graves, my personal favorite character from League of Legends


As well as the Vulture mount, due to my life-long love for hoverbikes ever since the speeder bike chase in Return of the Jedi.


Enough about me, though. What are your favorite pieces revealed in this video? Let us know in the comments below!

HT – Kotaku

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