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Blizzard Announces New HEARTHSTONE Expansion, The Grand Tournament

The next expansion for Hearthstone was announced today during a special event at the Foundry in San Francisco. Titled The Grand Tournament, the new expansion will add 132 new cards into the mix as well as a robust collection of familiar characters from the Argent Tournament event from World of Warcraft. Among the new cards is Skycap’n Kragg, a legendary charge card that reduces the cost of every friendly pirate minion in play and Maiden of the lake, which reduces the cost of your hero power to one mana crystal.


Along with the announcement of new cards comes the addition of a brand new keyword/mechanic called Inspire: an ability that is toggled when a player uses a hero power. Minions in play will gain an attack point if a player uses his or her hero power while inspired. Hero powers seem to be the focal point of The Grand Tournament, as there’s also a ton of new neutral and class cards on the way in the expansion.

The Grand Tournament is set to launch in August and will be available for pre-order next week. Are you antsy about getting your hands on this new content? Do you remember the good ole days of the Argent Tournament in World of Warcraft? Assuming you’re not in too much of a rush to get back to your decks, let us know how you feel about this announcement in the comments below.

Malik Forté is Gaming Editor of The Nerdist. Find him on Twitter @malik4play.

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