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Ryan Coogler Explains Why This Heated BLACK PANTHER Okoye and W’Kabi Scene Was Cut

One of the strengths of any great director is knowing when to cut moments from your movie, even when they’re great ones, because though a scene might work wonderfully on its own, it might not service the larger story. But while we understand Ryan Coogler‘s reasons for not including this powerful and emotional deleted scene from Black Panther, which highlights the personal toll Killmonger’s rise took on Wakanda’s bravest warriors, we still wish it had made it in.

Coogler says he was “incredibly proud of [this scene] as a director.” Via USA Today, the scene takes place between Danai Gurira’s Okoye and Daniel Kaluuya’s W’Kabi shortly after Killmonger has (seemingly) killed T’Challa and announced his plans for a worldwide attack. The moment between the husband and wife, yes, this reveals their marriage, shows they find their loyalties and hopes for the future of both Wakanda and their children split when talking about the death of their friend and Killmonger’s ascension.

Without watching the entire movie with this included we bow to Coogler’s judgment, but this is a really great scene and it’s unfortunate it didn’t make the final cut. Not only did it feel like these two needed one more moment before she bravely stood in front of his rhinoceros during the big battle at the end (as it happened, it took a second to remember they were in love, since it had been only briefly mentioned), it is also wonderfully acted, touches on the movie’s theme of when is it right to fight, all while grounding it on a personal level. It had to be painful for Coogler to cut.

What do you think? Should this have made it in? Don’t edit yourself, tell us why in the comments below.

Featured Image: Marvel

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