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BLACK MIRROR Images, GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Details, and More

BLACK MIRROR Images, GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Details, and More

Before you leave the house this weekend for brunch, BBQs, or whatever sort of socializing you have planned, educate yourself on the subject of television news. Read today’s TV-Cap to get a leg up on any entertainment-related conversations you may run into. You’ll see photos from the next season of Black Mirror, get some details on season seven of Game of Thrones, view a new take on the Atom suit in Legends of Tomorrow, and more.

Everything Looks Normal. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has a way of making the seemingly everyday turn into something wild and thought-provoking. I hope that won’t change with the next season that arrives on Netflix on October 21. Pictures from the first two episodes, “San Junipero and “Nosedive” have arrived, and things look pleasant enough… but what’s really happening? See more images at Nerdist. [Images: Netflix]

In His Sights. DC Comics character Human Target will be dropping by early in the fifth season of Arrow. He’s a professional bodyguard among other things, and Mayor Oliver Queen is his new client. Human Target, a.k.a. Christopher Chance, be played by Wil Traval (Jessica Jones). [TVLine]

Not Throwing Away Their Shot. Comedy Central’s Drunk History tackles the real history no one else is telling you, and the trailer for season four demonstrates their unique perspective. It also teases narrators galore, including Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton. He’ll be discussing the duel of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Drunk History returns with new episodes on September 27. [Nerdist]

Wrestling Numbers. WWE’s SummerSlam takes place on August 21, and fans expect big things from the massive event. Donnie dug into the past and looked up some numbers on the event: worst record, best record, etc. Read the breakdown here at Nerdist.

That’s All She Wrote. IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! is closing the door. The upcoming fifth season, premiering on October 28, will be its last. From host Scott Aukerman’s tweets, it sounds like they knew the end was nigh and a had a chance to wrap it up with style.

Not Lost Anymore. The 1987 film The Lost Boys isn’t staked and dead; it’s returning as a television series on The CW with Rob Thomas behind the scenes. He’s imagining the project as seven seasons covering 70 years, beginning with San Francisco in 1967. There’s no release date or even an official series order yet, but it sounds like a safe bet—especially with The Vampire Diaries ending next season. [Nerdist]

Precious Information. It’s a long wait until season seven of Game of Thrones, and we don’t know a ton about the next chapter of the HBO drama. Some hints have dropped about casting though, so Jessica Chobot talks about new characters and more in the latest Nerdist News. [Nerdist]

The Kingslayer. Jaime Lannister will never be able to escape the title Kingslayer. Even if his Targaryen king more or less deserved it, and even if Jaime likely saved lives by killing him. To make matters worse, Jaime might have to take down Cersei in a similar fashion. A new video from YouTuber TheGaroStudios focuses on the path of Jaime over the years, and to my eye, shows how Cersei might destroy him. [Nerdist]

Going Samurai. If you want to see glimpses of the future for most of DC’s superhero series on The CW, you should be following executive producer Marc Guggenheim on Twitter. He shares photos and sometimes news over there. Photos like this one of Ray Palmer/Atom donning samurai style armor. When are they visiting in season two that would warrant this ensemble? [Comic Book Resources]

A Connection? The latest teaser for season six of American Horror Story is as much about looking back as it is looking ahead. It shows there may be a connection between all the seasons. The description YouTube says, “Murder. Madness. Magic. Misfits. Mayhem… Mystery?” Hmm. The FX series is back on September 14. [Variety]

Listen Closely. Twin Peaks is coming to Showtime with new episodes in the near-ish but not immediate future, so we need things to hold us over. Things like The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost. The audiobook version of the novel will feature cast members such as Kyle MacLachlan, Russ Tamblyn, Chris Mulkey, and more voicing their characters. Neat, right? The book will be on shelves on October 18. [Nerdist]

Interactive Journal. Going deeper inside the brain of Mr. Robot’s Elliot may not be something any of us want to do, but I admit to being curious. A new companion book by Sam Esmail (the show’s creator) and Courtney Looney (writer on the show) is a journal where you can read Elliot’s most private thoughts before and during the events of season two. It also features removable artifacts: sketches, a newspaper clipping, and more. It will be released on November 1. [Image: Abrams]

What do you make of the stills from Black Mirror? How about the Game of Thrones tidbits? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Featured Image: Netflix

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