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BLACK MIRROR Cast and Creator Dish On Season Three’s Secrets

Looking to dizzying advances in technology, Black Mirror creator/lead writer Charlie Brooker has birthed an anthology series electric with intrigue, terror, twists, and tenderness that has set sci-fi fandom aflame. So we had plenty to dig into when Nerdist sat down with Brooker, producer Annabelle Jones, and season three stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michael Kelly, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Alice Eve in a series of interviews to toast the third season.

But beware: spoilers for Black Mirror lie ahead.

With season three out in the world on Netflix, Black Mirror devotees have been devouring the six new episodes that tackle topics ranging from the dangers of seeking happiness through virtual affirmations, the power and problems of internet trolls and justice-seeking hackers, volatile advances in video games, xenophobic political propaganda, and how the afterlife might be forever transformed by mapping human consciousness. It’s a season so good, many are already rewatching eps to identify Easter Eggs, spot foreshadowing missed the first time around, and spin elaborate fan theories.

With Brooker and Mbatha-Raw, we discussed the surprising sweetness and origin of the already beloved “San Junipero” ep. Conversation turned naturally from “Men Against Fire” to Brexit and Donald Trump when we spoke to Jones and Kelly. And with “Nosedive“s leads Howard and Eve, we dove into how starring in a cautionary tale about the determining personal success by Facebook likes or Twitter favorites has changed the way these affable actresses interact with social media.

Then just for some freaky fun, we asked each which Black Mirror reality they’d live in, if they had to choose one.

What’s your favorite Black Mirror episode? Which Black Mirror scenario would you choose to live in?

Image: Netflix

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