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Episode 12: Bizarre States
Jonny Loquasto
Bizarre StatesBizarre States

Bizarre States #12: Jonny Loquasto

This week’s episode features REAL GETTYSBURG EVP recorded and shared by our guest – Jonny Loquasto!

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Giraffes Barely Sleep, and When They do, it's on Their Butts

Giraffes Barely Sleep, and When They do, it's on Their Butts

Watch This Guy Break Open Some Cattails

Watch This Guy Break Open Some Cattails



  1. D says:

    I can tell you guys are sober, but rather than genuinely respectful interested paranormal enthusiasts, your show sounds like a bunch of stoned freshmen sitting in a dorm going, “Dude, who knows what’s at the bottom of the lake?!”

    Also, in multiple episodes, you’ve expressed total wonder at a pretty common phenomenon called sleep paralysis, which is a part of the sleep cycle wherein the mind starts to wake, but the body is asleep, which leads to hallucinations and delusions. We can cross that one off the list.

  2. Zach says:

    you should rename this podcast wishful thinking 

  3. MATT says:

    Hey guys! I have a supernatural story for ya. I would email this to you but I can’t find the address to do that. My dad had watched the news and saw a story about a woman who said she saw the Mother Mary in this field. It happened close to where he lived so we went to check it out. We get to the location there is this large church on one side of the road and this big pasture on the other side. We go through the gate and make our way to the place the lady had seen Mary. There is a path marked with little orange flags I walk down the little hill seeing nothing. MY dad says something and I turn around and look up at him. That is when I see a purple oral shaped light appear and then disappear. I turn around and face where I was going and the purple light appears again and then disappears and then appears and disappears for the third and final time by the last marker. I turn and ask my dad if he saw something and he says to me I saw a purple light. Confirming that is what I saw. I don’t know if it was Mary or what it was I saw but I can say I did see something. 

  4. Hashtard says:

    They weren’t doing nuclear testing outside of Roswell, the craft was supposedly used to read the atmospheric presence of nuclear radiation.  In other words, it was used to monitor Soviet nuclear testing.  If that’s even true.
    Also, there is no base in Roswell.  The crash was transported to Fort Worth Army Air Field in Texas.  Get on yo Roswell shit son!