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Bionic Pets and Jane Austen’s Relation to Mouse Pee!

Jane Austen’s Relation to Mouse Pee

Biologists at the University of Liverpool have named a protein in mouse urine after Mr. Darcy, the famous character from Jane Austen’s novel “Pride & Prejudice”. This species-specific pheromone, “darcin”, draws the female mice to the odor of male mice. Now I’ll be the first to admit that most scientists are weird (I’m a stellar example), but REALLY?! You’re choosing to honor Jane Austen by naming something in mouse piss after Mr. Darcy? And I’m not against being creative or funny when it comes to scientific naming – quite the contrary. In fact, back in college I always swore that if I ever discovered a protein or something, I would name it “Giggity” (this was back when I still liked Family Guy – but we won’t get into that).

There are SO many other names you could’ve gone with, given the fact that this thing is in MOUSE PISS. Do you have any enemies? Come on – you’re a scientist! You were definitely beat up in high school or at least have people who you feel have wronged you in some way. What about public figures you don’t agree with? Anyone remember when that sewage treatment plant in San Francisco tried to get its name changed to the “George W. Bush Sewage Plant”? Brilliant!

[via Live Science]

Bionic Domesticated Pet of the Week:

Oscar, the bionic kitty.
[via Popular Science]

Pfizer Pfucked Up
I’m exhausted after that superb pun but I’ll try and keep writing. The FDA cited Pfizer after failing to report the side effects of several drugs including Viagra, Lipitor, and Lyrica. It turns out that while it was known that Viagra could cause vision problems (even blindness [insert your favorite masturbation leads to blindness joke here]), Pfizer had failed to report many cases by downplaying how bad these cases really were. Which sounds pretty bad, right? Well the PfFDA Pfucked Pfizer in the Pface (AHH I can’t stop!) by giving them a 12-page warning letter and 15 days to resubmit their results (AKA 20 minutes in the dunce cap). Be warned FDA, if you take away our countries’ Viagra how will our 50-something guys (and over-adventurous 20-something guys) regain their vitality??

[via Reuters]
And because we’re already on the topic…

Dick News!

Interested in a few more minutes of sex? Of course you are! Scientists at Shionogi Pharma have developed “PSD502” (what a sexy name) a spray that helped extend the average length of sex from 36 seconds to a whopping 3.3 minutes. And in order to ensure accuracy, the men had to hold a stopwatch while they were having sex! HOT. The drug contains lidocaine and prilocaine and is sprayed directly onto the penis. Wow, because nothing says foreplay  like aerosoling your junk.
[via Renal & Urology News]

Mars500 Update!
The Mars500 crew messaged me back on Twitter! YOU GUYS – we are talking to people in fake outer space!! Make sure to leave your questions for Diego in the comments or write to him on Twitter! Now excuse me while I do several nerd victory laps around the room. WooOOoOooOOoO!

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  1. macon pets says:

    Great article. had me laughing and thinking.

  2. andoran_g33k says:

    Can the cat still jump?

    And I liked the puns too 🙂 Who the hell would want spray-on Viagra?

  3. CutePetLover says:

    I like the black cat.. Basement cat…
    Bionic Domesticated Pet of the Week _ Good work to the black cat..

    Many are afraid of black cat but for me they are unique!!!

  4. Sarah Clark says:

    @Shane – You’re welcome! I’d like to write one for you now, but I’ve exhausted myself on puns for the time being. I refer you to pretty much anything written by Andy Zaltzman, the man likes his puns.

    @Keri – Perhaps, that’s an interesting theory!

    @Andy – Average for the premature ejaculation population, (School House Rock song? I’m terrible.) I guess!

    @Sandra – Thanks! And yes, usually better to go OTC when it comes to penis stuff. It’s a delicate region.

    @Big Tuna – =) I believe that was me quoting Kyle Dunnigan, you have a good memory! Haha graffiti his crotch, ohhhh I miss you BT.

  5. Big Tuna says:

    i remember being told that there was no ‘sexy’ way for someone to take their socks off while undressing before sex with their partner. i think for a guy to begin shaking up a spray can to graffiti his crotch just beat it!

    another excellent post!

  6. BTW, rad coverage of this “Darcin.” I imagine they had to wear it on blind dates to discover it’s “species-specific.” Oh science.
    (apologies for last comment’s type-o)

  7. I demand they isolate the stopwatch variable. I’d feel so judged if someone were timing me. Eeek!

    PS – I clicked on the link and this prilocaine ingredient worries me. If 6% of men or partners are having bad side effects, I’d skip the prescription. I sell lidocaine sprays to men everyday and the only complaints are when we’re out of their fave.

    Also, how are they claiming that the numbing has nothing to do with this mir

  8. Wait, the average length of sex is 36 seconds? Also, numbing your penis with lidocaine doesn’t sounds fun at all.

    Awesome post, Sarah!

    …can I adopt that cat?

  9. Keri says:

    Maybe the person who named it really dislikes the completely unrealistic version of Love that Jane Austen write about. I’m a fan of hers but even so; I know men like that don’t exist. So the rat piss is nothing more then a metaphor for love itself. You get attracted to some one only to find out they are..well..piss.

    This could just be my cynical side talking though.

  10. Shane says:

    Thank you for the puns! Nothing like a good pun to make you laugh.