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Billy Joel Vs. The Hobbit? Nerdist School Alumnae Do It Again

The third and final film in director Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy–The Battle of the Five Armies–hits theaters December 17. And Tolkien fans everywhere are no doubt experiencing mixed emotions over what’s likely to be our last cinematic journey to Middle-earth for quite some time.

Fortunately, Nerdist School Improv program alumnus Chris Bramante is here to help us through this difficult time, and capture the many different reactions fans have had to this nine-hour, 745-million-dollar adaptation of a simple English children’s novel. Bramante wrote¬†and performed lead vocals–as Billy Joel Baggins– in “It’s Still Middle-Earth” to Me, a note-perfect parody of both The Hobbit and Joel’s 1980 smash single “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” (from his Glass Houses album). Here’s the video, courtesy of Animfantastic.

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Here are a few more videos from Bramante’s fellow Nerdist School alum (and the current house team improviser), Minhdzuy Khorami…

“Disney Owns Everything” (with the one exception of Middle-Earth)

“Let It Groot” (In honor of the season and Guardians of the Galaxy‘s release on Blu-ray this month)

“Christmas With You (And Home Alone 2)”

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