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Bigby Does Some Dirty Dancing in This Hilarious THE WOLF AMONG US Mod

Have you ever had the desire to see Bigby Wolf give his best impression of Nancy (Jessica Alba) from Sin City? You’re in luck, because our friends over at Kotaku have stumbled across the most hilarious game mod seen in a very long time. Hope you have a box of Kleenex in the near vicinity, because the following video is sure to have you crying with laughter:

What on earth is happening here? Seriously, it looks like Bigby may have watched Magic Mike one too many times. Bonus points to the first person to mash this up with Ginuwine’s “Pony”.


One thing is for certain, if there’s anyone or anything in The Wolf Among Us that doesn’t lie, it’s Bigby Wolf’s hips. We originally reported that this was a glitch, but it has since been confirmed that what we have here ladies and gentlemen is a full blown mod that uses an existing game animation to make this possible. Not that this is any less funny for that reason. So still I say: bravo, Telltale! Brav-fricking-o!

HT: Kotaku, shirtlessbigby


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  1. Stefanie says:

    Yeah I think the snow adds that extra bit of drama! The one I really love is the wtcaaiost with the leather layers I have a lovely knitted monochrome skirt that would go great with it! Or for that extra bit of texture you could wear it with a fluffy white skirt to jazz it up even more!

  2. Alex says:

    Nick – I’m completely up to date on the comics, and I have to say, if you love them as much as I do, then A Wolf Among Us is a must play.
    It’s set before the comics (soon before), and they’ve really done the books justice.

  3. Nick says:

    I really enjoyed this. I read the comics and didn’t really know about the game but the super weird bigby thrusting during serious dialogue was very funny.