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Big Changes May Be Coming to the SPIDER-MAN and FANTASTIC FOUR Franchises

Who’s ready to get dark?! No, I mean literally dark. Our power went out. But that won’t stop us from bringing you your daily dose of Nerdist News!

Join Jessica Chobot on today’s show as she leads you through the admittedly-dark futures of the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four movie franchises. Could there seriously be an Aunt May solo flick on the way? Is Doctor Doom really going to be a disgruntled blogger in the new Fantastic Four? Are we seriously about to land a spacecraft on a comet?! Find out on today’s Nerdist News!

Thanks for watching the show! Don’t forget to check out The Hillywood Show’s awesome new Walking Dead parody, get caught up on the latest SleepyCast, and learn about the Top 5 Halo Weapons on Nerdist: Play! Then let us know in the comments below whether you think an Aunt May film and a gritty, realistic Doctor Doom are revolutionary ideas or huge mistakes!

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  1. ClasikRok says:

    Heh heh heh heh heh…She said “69” heh heh Whoa!

  2. bay_estrian says:

    hella looking forward to an ant mai solo movie.

  3. Mantronix says:

    Fantastic Four
    The cast is to young no wayVictor Von Doom is a scientist, this movie is going to be awful Tim story is rolling in laughter .

  4. I, for one, am sick of them changing comic book stuff, not just in movies but in the comics themselves, for ridiculous marketing ploys or changing plot points and characters in the movie version for no reason, I’m looking at you Zack Snyder. Female Thor, no. You want a strong female lead for comics? Then make a new female character or take a preexisting female character. Having someone other than Peter Parker be Spider-man, I don’t think so. If you want a strong role model who isn’t white? Here’s a suggestion: make a new character or use a preexisting character. The X-men movie franchise can suck it after what they did in the X-men Origins: Wolverine movie, I haven’t watched a single film in that franchise since, and won’t until the reset canon. Watchmen was ruined for no reason. Raimi turned Venom into a whiny little bitch, glad that got a reboot. Man of Steel was horrible, I mean Superman allowed so much wanton death and destruction, that he could have prevented, happen around him; I mean, hell, he just took a step over a tanker truck as it crashed into that structure which probably had people inside. *SPOILER* Then he just up snaps Zod’s neck for no real reason. *END* I could go on longer but I am probably already going to get some hate for this and at least a few, “What you haven’t watched First Class or Days of Future Past?!?!?!!!!!,” So this will be the end of my rant

    • Ben says:

      I know that this might sound just like what you said that you expected to hear about Days of Future Past, but you said you wouldn’t watch X-men films until they reset. Well DoFP pretty much did that. It basically retconned both of the Wolverine movies and The Last Stand out of existence.

  5. Ugh, it isn’t the early 2000s anymore, we don’t need to be super realistic with superhero movies anymore. Marvel has been more or less been providing perfect adaptations of their characters, why can’t fox follow that?  Also I wouldn’t hold my breath on Latino Review. This is the site thst wrote several in depth articles on how their “inside source” told them Christian Bale had signed up for the justice league movie back in ’12

  6. Adam T says:

    I really don’t understand why people are even angry, or surprised at this point with any of Sony’s ideas pertaining to Spider-Man and especially the FF films. I’m numb to the point that I don’t even need to hear anything more on these two franchises because I won’t be seeing either one until Marvel has the rights back.

  7. Formerroadie says:

    Been saying that people should stay home and STOP giving their money to these studios. Does anyone listen? Nope.

  8. alex says:

    Aunt may in a solo could not sounds about as bad as eric band’s hulk. Dr. Doom needs to be a dark evil person who we should feel is an equal to the likes of Tony Stark.. I just don’t see it as a blogger.

  9. Rob says:

    Honestly, who would go see a Aunt May movie?! Sounds like 2 hours of boringness to me, isn’t that something you could just add to the next Spider-Man movie as a flask back or something? I think it’s time Disney gets a hold of Spidey before it’s ruined once again for me

  10. Keith E. says:

    Aunt May and Doom just need to make out already. That would end Spiderman right?

  11. Chris Brocco says:

    WTF is going on Doom is now an angry hipster blogger and here I thought it couldn’t get any worse way to prove me wrong FF……It was safe to say this before but now only cements it I WILL NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE AT ALL I won’t even watch it when it comes out  on late night cable. Just give the rites back already

  12. JC says:

    I agree. This is the worst idea the studio’s have had in years. Just give back Spider-man back to Marvel and let them do both the new Movies. They are the Ones that know how to do these two remakes. 
    Happy Veterans Day. 

  13. Orionsangel says:


  14. As always, you hit nail on the head Jess. I have no clue what the studios were thinking – if they were thinking at all – with these film announcements. * le sigh*
    I guess the best non comic Doom remains his incarnation in the Ultimate Spiderman & Avengers Assemble tv series. 
    PS: Happy Veterans Day!

  15. Axelsan says:

    Oh what the frak, from what is already known, the FF movie has totally skewed the FF universe so bad how much more can they frak it up?  We all know they don’t care about this Marvel U canon that we old Marvel fans know so well.

  16. Michael Sacal says:

     Remember in Clue how Kahn explained her anger? “Flames coming out of her ears” and somesuch? That would accurately reflect my feelings about this.