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Bid on Ripley’s Flamethrower and So Much More in the Latest Prop Store Auction

It takes a lot of stuff to make films and television shows. I never understood quite how much went into creating movies until the age of DVDs and special features. Sets have to be built and decorated, models may be needed, props must be made, and all the characters have a wardrobe. Various crew members are responsible for putting all of that together, and in many cases, they have to create duplicates. There are several objects to tag and organize, and when a film wraps, they get returned to prop rental companies or stored in vast warehouses. Some items leave with the cast or crew, but big chunks of memorabilia gets sold and makes its way into the hands of collectors.

The Prop Store of London and Los Angeles is a reliable source for that memorabilia, and they have regular auctions. Their latest catalog includes over 375 lots, and they’re marketing it as “The most exciting sale of contemporary props and costumes ever offered in Europe.” After flipping through the items they’re offering, I’m inclined to agree. There are props and costumes that will dazzle any sci-fi and fantasy fan.

Hover Board

Here’s a small sampling of what’s on the auction block: Ripley’s flamethrower from Alien, a hoverboard from Back to the Future: Part II, parts of Leeloo’s costumes from The Fifth Element, the original screenplay for Raiders of the Lost Ark, a stunning number of items from Star Wars including C-3PO’s foot, and costumes from Terminator 2.

I’m practically drooling. Take a look at those items and more in the gallery:

You can bid online or by phone, and you can even pre-bid. Starting bids range from £25 to £10,000. Browse the entire catalog at the Prop Store and prepare your clicking finger – the auction begins on October 16th.

Will you be bidding on anything? Head to the comments and let us know what props you covet the most. Me? I’m all about the Death Star gun tower.

Images: Prop Store Auction

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