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Bethesda: Console THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE Delayed ‘About Six Months’

If you were looking to pick up The Elder Scrolls Online for your PS4 or Xbox One this summer, expect a little bit of a delay.

In a press release sent out this morning, developer Bethesda announced that the console versions of their recently-launched MMO would be held back for “about six months” as they grapple with technical issues unique to each platform. Bethesda is pegging it as a network/infrastructure problem with both consoles, meaning they haven’t yet figured out how to make The Elder Scrolls Online play nice with PSN and Xbox LIVE.

Cramming an MMO onto a console can be a challenge – just ask Square Enix about their many, many… uh, many woes getting Final Fantasy XIV up and running. Various development issues with that game ultimately required the studio to essentially go back and re-release FFXIV under the Realm Reborn banner.

Before fans start wandering off and trying other games out there (hey, Defiance is free-to-play now), Bethesda is offering a profile transfer for gamers who get The Elder Scrolls Online for the PC or Mac between now and the end of June. For $20, players who’ve gotten a copy of TESO before the cutoff date will be able to download a console version of the game as well as transfer their character to that console versions, along with another 30 days on the subscription.

The subscription-based MMO launched back in April for the PC and the Mac to mostly positive reviews (it’s sitting at an aggregate 72 Metacritic score).

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