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Beta’d: PAX Prime Round Up

Here’s a roundup of news coming out of PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend:

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Announced


Hideo Kojima made his first appearance at PAX Prime this year and brought along a trailer for his new open world Metal Gear Solid game, Ground Zeroes. Not only is Hideo Kojima back, he’s bringing a new toy with him, the Fox Engine. Ground Zeroes is being built on the in-house developed game engine that Kojima say can be used to make anything from and FPS to a Silent Hill. While hesitant to call the game Metal Gear Solid 5, the game will act as a “prologue” of sorts. If that means we’re playing Snake in his FOXHOUND days, then bring it on.

[Source: The Verge]

Dead Island: Riptide Announced


The sequel to Dead Island is on its way. The first images from Dead Island: Riptide were unveiled this weekend and the developer confirmed that the follow-up would be more of the same, but in a good way. The game will pick up exactly where Dead Island left off and you will be able to transfer all of your characters’ skills to the sequel.

[Source: IGN]


Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Details and a New Trailer


The Mechromancer skill class was revealed back in April, when it was also announced the tree wouldn’t be available until at least 60-90 days after the games initial release. At PAX, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford announced the new character would beat the estimated timetable and be released on October 16th, less than a month after the game streets. Pitchford also confirmed 4 DLC expansions were in the works.

Also presented at Pax was this nifty new trailer giving you a tour of the updated Borderlands of Pandora by Sir Hammerlock. You can get more details on Dan’s thoughts on the game in our Borderlands 2 Co-Op Beta’d.

[Source: Kotaku]

More Aliens: Colonial Marines Details Announced

Gearbox also had lots of details to announce around the co-op of their new Aliens: Colonial Marines. First off, a new game mode called Escape was debuted. You and your team must work together to get through the Xenomorphs and back to base. The gameplay trailer shows a Left 4 Dead aesthetic to the mode, and that’s totally fine by us. With all the different variations on the aliens, we’re hoping for a Xeno Tank find its way into the mix.

Also revealed at PAX were the co-op characters that would be available to players proving that the developer was indeed including something that the Alien franchise is known for, female characters. Meet Jennifer Redding, the female Colonial Marine you can use to kick alien ass. There aren’t a lot of details to go with the unveiling, except that in addition to the pre-made co-op characters, there will be plenty of options to customize your own Marine, male or female.


[Source: Forbes & Kotaku]

The Unfinished Swan Trailer Premieres

This just looks whimsical and we’re always ready to try something new. Keep an eye out for The Unfinished Swan soon.

For even more PAX goodness, check out the latest Indoor Kids with Kumail and Emily.


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  1. Livius says:

    I’m looking forward to the New Metal Gear Solid.
    I showed my dad MGS4 years ago and he said ” That looks so real”
    I showed him the MGSGZ and he said, “That’s it, we’re done. THat looks to realistic.”

    I still need to save money for Borderlands 2. :/

  2. Darkwing Turducken says:

    Was it conspicuous that the City of Heroes development team was absent, instead busily cleaning out their desks and updating their resumes?