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Best Celeb Accents and Impressions From THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW

When you put together a montage that includes Benedict Cumberbatch doing a spot-on Chewbacca impression in front of Harrison Ford and it’s not in the top three best moments of your video, well then you know you’ve got a winner on your hands.

This highlight package comes from The Graham Norton Show and it contains some of the program’s best moments of celebrities doing accents, impressions of other celebrities, and even the occasional animal imitation.

There’s so much to enjoy here, like Ryan Reynolds showing off his perfect “Trailer Movie Guy” voice, Tom Hiddleston doing Al Pacino and Robert De Niro from Heat in front of De Niro himself, and John Boyega showing why a British stormtrooper wouldn’t have worked.

With so much to love here though I’m going to list my top three favorites:

3) Will Ferrell‘s Harrison Ford–a one man show.

2) Chris Pratt doing his TOWIE impression after watching the show The Only Way is Essex while filming in the U.K.

1) Video MVP Tom Hiddleston’s impression of the show’s host, Graham Norton. (Benedict Cumberbatch’s was good too, but Hiddleston’s was just a little better.)

While I don’t think you can count Seth MacFarlane doing the voices he created as impressions, him singing Cyndi Lauper‘s songs “True Colors” as Peter Griffin and “Time After Time” as Stewie Griffin, right next to Lauper, just killed me. Also, Jamie Foxx didn’t really do a Tom Cruise impression, but hearing a weird Tom Cruise story always deserves recognition.

So while we marvel at Tom Hiddleston’s collection of celebrity impressions, tell us in the comments below what your favorite impression was in this video?

Images: The Graham Norton Show

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