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Bert and Ernie “Regulate” The Mean SESAME STREETs

We regulate any stealing of rubber duckies
And we darn polite too
But you can’t be any geek off the Sesame Street,
Gotta be handy with your A-B-Cs
If you want to survive in this neighborhood
Bert and Ernie!

From the man that brought you the Sesame Street gang singing Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s “Tha Crossroads” comes Bert and Ernie‘s own rendition of “Regulators,” the classic song by Warren G. featuring Nate Dogg.

This is the work of Adam Schleichkorn, also known as Mylo the Cat, who said he “almost bailed on it several times” because it was just as difficult to make as his video for “The Crossroads.” Ultimately, though, he said, “It was the most requested in the comments, and another one of the best rap songs ever, so I felt as if I had to give the people what they wanted.”

I don’t know who all of you people out there are, the ones requesting videos where Sesame Street characters perform famous rap songs, but I’m glad you are doing you, and that Mylo the Cat is listening to your demands.

As for the video, uploaded to Schleichkorn’s YouTube account isthishowyougoviral (basically), Bert is definitely the one that can pull this off, way more than Ernie can. Bert has a believable coolness factor to him, one that bubbly Ernie can’t quite capture. Also, with the trashcan population of the Sesame Street neighborhood being what it is, there is some natural authenticity built into all of it.

The best part is that those of you with young kids now have an easy way to introduce them to classic hip hop from your youth.

What song do you want to see the Sesame Street crew tackle next? Tell us below in the comments.

Want to see more Sesame Street/hip hop infusion? Check out this episode of Nerdist News: What The Fridays

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Images: PBS

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