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Benedict Cumberbatch Will Star in HAMLET on the West End, So Prepare Now, Tumblr

2015 will find many a Cumberbitch (that’s what his fans call themselves) heading to London, because their one true leader — and one of the Internet’s favorite humans — Benedict Cumberbatch has signed on to play the titular character in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The 37-year-old, widely known for his work in Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ recent adaptation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hero, Sherlock, will head to the Barbican Theatre in London next year for a run as the Danish prince from August to October 2015.

The production will be helmed by acclaimed director Lyndsey Turner, who’s recent work includes the highly acclaimed Broadway production of Machinal. Cited by Sonia Friedman Productions as “one of the most gifted and exciting actors of his generation,” Cumberbatch had actually already revealed the news last year, stating that he would tackle the tragedy “sometime in autumn on the London stage.”

“I don’t know if there is such a thing as a right age to play the part,” he explained to the Daily Telegraph in 2012, “but 36 or 37 seems appropriate to me… It’s a role I’ve been interested in for a long time.” Though more recently seen on screens large (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Star Trek Into Darkness) and small (Parade’s End, the aforementioned Sherlock), this is hardly the actor’s first time on the stage. Previously he appeared alongside Jonny Lee Miller — you know, that other Holmes on CBS’ Elementary — in Danny Boyle’s 2011 National Theater production of Frankenstein.

Anyone planning to head to London to see the show? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Carol Frisbie says:

    If I can swing it, I’ll be there, barring catastrophe. Hamlet is my fave of all the Shakespeare plays, and seeing the incredible Mr. Cumberbatch in the role would be a once in a lifetime experience. I’m getting long in the tooth, and want to have that experience myself!!! I’m in the U.S.–Washington, DC area.

  2. Shannon says:

    I am fine with being called a Cumberbitch. Reclaim it!!!

  3. Lynda says:

    Yet on more person, myself, wants to have referred to as a “Cumbercollective” , not b—-h. Thank you for giving me the venue to express my choice !

  4. Ellen says:

    Sorry but I’d really like to correct this, we don’t like using the term ‘Cumberbitch’ especially since Benedict himself, on several occasions, has said he doesn’t like it. In respect to that we have changed to a couple variations, Benedict himself called us the ‘Cumbercollective’ which is nice and everybody likes so by all means use that or some like to call ourselves a ‘Cumbercookie’ (it also works as a pun since a cumbercookie in a group is a cumberbatch, get it?) Anyway it’d be nice if you could use a different term since using ‘Cumberbitch’ only encourages and spreads the use of it which no one wants to be associated as!

  5. Alex says:

    Definitely coming! Can´t wait for it!!!! :)))))

  6. -Di. says:

    David Tennant was in Hamlet a few years ago. Partick Stewart was also in that production. The fangirls kept their Squeees in check :).

  7. Alicia Lutes says:

    Hey Britt and Finnese — I hadn’t previously seen any ire about the label, only from people who tend to embrace it. Good to know and thanks for making us hip to that.

  8. SharlzG says:

    I’m a ditto on the moniker and Hamlet being Prince not King.

    And, in answer to the article’s question, as a fan of Shakespeare (with Hamlet being one of my favorite plays) and of Benedict’s incredible talent (saw both versions of Frankenstein twice thanks to NT Live – aMAZEing) I definitely plan to do whatever I can to get tickets and get to England. Anyone in England spare a bunk for an Aussie tourist?…. 🙂

  9. Finnese says:

    Seconded on the “cumberbitch” moniker. And let’s be honest, plenty of men would squeal too.

  10. Estella says:

    I can just imagine every performance being ruined by crazed women squealing in the audience.

  11. Britt says:

    Hello Nerdist,

    Thank you for the nice article on Benedict’s ‘Hamlet’ news. However I’d like to point out that a lot of his fans don’t like being called cumberbitches and don’t want to be associated with the term, and neither does Benedict himself. Do with this what you want, I’d just thought I’d point it out as the term has quite a negative vibe to it.

  12. Wendy says:

    Correction: Hamlet was the Prince of Denmark, not King… I’m looking forward to seeing the production, battling the fangirls, and comparing it to David Tennant’s 2009 interpretation.