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Benedict Cumberbatch Reacts to a Review of His “Cumbermusk”

Admit it; if you were close enough to Benedict Cumberbatch, you’d try to smell him. Whether or not you’d “rush home” to write a review of the experience is probably less of a certainty, but that’s exactly what one excited fan did.

On The Graham Norton Show, the host read a Reddit review to Cumberbatch that one very adoring/creepy fan wrote after seeing him in Boston during the filming of Black Mass. Here’s the review, titled: “Black Mass: I saw BostonBatch this morning – bury me in a Y-shaped coffin for I am DEADED.”

Bitches, he is fine. He was wearing the blue hat, a dark blue polo shirt, the grey pants and the white shoes. He is taller than I’d thought (I’d suspected he was a 5’11” wannabe 6 footer, but no, he’s def 6’ tall), and ripped. Like, really much more muscly than I was expecting – those arms! Dat ass! And the arm veins were in Full Effect. Popping. There is not an ounce of fat on that man, it’s all muscle, sinew and wholesome goodness. (And the hat looks better in real life, too.)

I couldn’t smell him. I really tried. He was so close that had he been wearing cologne I think I would have been able to tell. Just the lightest Cumbermusk in the Boston sunshine.

Being a celebrity is weird, which is why Cumberbatch’s pained reaction makes perfect sense. Although I think my favorite response was his indignation at something being wrong with the hat.

Honestly, my biggest issue with that review is the lack of using the Oxford comma. Oh, and the fact I’m a Boston guy and this is mortifying. But mostly the Oxford comma. [Editor’s Note: Yeah. Oxford comma all the way.]

Also on the show was, I think, a Johnny Depp impersonator. They claimed it was the real Depp, but Johnny Depp is American and this guy had a weird accent that is definitely not American. I wonder if it’s the same person that does the great English-sounding Madonna impression.

Well, this was weird, so let’s get weird! Who do you think is the best smelling celebrity in Hollywood? Take a whiff of our comments section and tell us your answer.

Image: The Graham Norton Show/YouTube

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