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Belle & Sebastian Unveil Artwork, Tracklist For New Album GIRLS IN PEACETIME WANT TO DANCE

One of life’s greatest challenges is to try to still be angry about something after listening to any track by Belle & Sebastian. The classic Glaswegian pop rock outfit, fronted by Stuart Murdoch, has been weaving often revelatory, short-story-minded lyrics into disarming pop songs for almost 20 years, and though their sound has always been consistently delicate, they have never really lost any momentum.

Today the band unveiled the artwork and tracklist for their new album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, featuring all the appropriate irony of two women who collectively look unable to dance and decidedly non-peaceful. Check that out below, and underneath the artwork you will also find the tracklist, which boasts very literary-minded song titles such as “Enter Sylvia Plath” and “The Everlasting Muse”.

Speculation time: Giving a cursory look at their upcoming tour dates, we happened to notice a big fat obvious gap in the month of April. Hmmmm wonder what that could possibly mean cough cough Coachella!? cough cough. They are definitely more than worthy of a headlining spot at this point, so we are very stoked to see if our unfounded conjecture is correct.

This has been a very busy year for Murdoch so far, as he also released his directorial debut God Help The Girl this past September. But we did we say about Murdoch’s momentum. Hopefully this means we can expect much more output in both the cinematic and aural spheres from singer.


01 Nobody’s Empire
02 Allie
03 The Party Line
04 The Power of Three
05 The Cat with the Cream
06 Enter Sylvia Plath
07 The Everlasting Muse
08 Perfect Couples
09 Ever Had a Little Faith?
10 Play for Today
11 The Book of You
12 Today (This Army’s for Peace)

Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance will be out January 20 via Matador, and you can check out the Album trailer below.

[HT: Pitchfork]

Do you think Belle & Sebastian will probably be joining the bill for Coachella 2015? Let us know what you think in the comments and on Twitter!


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