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Behold THE FLASH’s Firestorm and Heat Wave Costumes in Our Gallery of DC TV Super Suits!

DC TV Universe fans are starting to get a little spoiled, what with so many of our favorite comic book characters finally getting brought to life on a weekly basis on the CW’s Arrow and the Flash. And today that bounty hit home for me at the TCA Winter Press Tour in a way it never quite has before, thanks to a new exhibit of costumes from both shows, presenting their takes on DC’s many heroes and villains. From Ra’s al Ghul to the Reverse Flash, from the Canary to Captain Cold, there were a total of eight costumes on display, perhaps the most significant of which was the full reveal of two costumes we’ve not yet seen on TV: Flash‘s Firestorm (as played by Robbie Amell)  and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell). Also noteworthy was Katie Cassidy’s Canary costume, which we’ve only seen thus far in a couple of stills. Feast your eyes on all of these super suits below. And please pardon my abysmal camera and poor lighting and photography skills!


I’m particularly fascinated by some of the details I hadn’t quite noticed before, like the pattern on Ra’s al Ghul’s medallions, or the design of the Flash’s footwear. Firestorm’s costume is also intriguing for how it reworks the well-known emblem on his comic book costume. Rest assured, those red discs do in fact glow (which, again, my sub-par camera doesn’t quite capture).

What do you guys think of Firestorm’s costume? Keep in mind that when his full fury is unleashed, as we’ve already seen, he looks like he does in the photo below. Which should be even more impressive when coupled with the new threads…



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  2. Xando says:

    Does the firestorm suit look a little weird to anybody else? Something about an arc reactor placed asymmetrically on a varsity football jacket. Black straps over a zipper, how does he get in there?