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Behold Gallery 1988’s Amazing RICK AND MORTY Artwork and Prints

It’s been far too long since we’ve been able to get schwifty with a new episode of Rick and Morty, and the third season is still somewhere off in the distance. But if you’ve got the urge to see more artwork inspired by the series, Gallery 1988 may have the best Rick and Morty options for everyone!

Gallery 1988 has several original pieces of art and prints from its Rick and Morty exhibition posted for sale on its official site. And if you love the show, it’s an amazing way to revisit some of the key moments from the first two seasons. For example, check out Dustin Lincoln’s “Renegade Rick,” which features the Devil, Mr. Meeseeks, one of the Cromulons, and more!


We’re also quite impressed by Dan Mumford’s “I’m starting to work up some anxiety about this whole thing,” which is stunningly beautiful, in that perfectly Rick and Morty way, as the title duo gaze at a bizarre alien landscape.


Some of the contributors simply re-envisioned the characters through their own artistic style, as Chris McGuire did in his piece: “Sometimes Science Is More Art Than Science.” It’s an almost realistic take on Rick and Morty as they briefly find themselves between two worlds.


You can find the rest of the artwork at this link, but there have already been a few sold-out prints. So if you want to bring home a piece from this exhibit, you should do so immediately.

What did you think about Gallery 1988’s lineup of Rick and Morty art? Let us know what you’re squanching in the comment section below!

Images: Adult Swim, Gallery 1988

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