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Behind the Scenes of the Ben Folds Five/Fraggles Video

How did the Nerdist Channel pull off the Fragglelicious Ben Folds Five video for “Do It Anyway,” anyway? This behind-the-scenes video tells the story, with Chris and the folks at Henson looking to do something for Fraggle Rock‘s 30th anniversary, and serendipity taking it the rest of the way. Hear from Chris, Ben, Red Fraggle, and more as they describe how the video came to be.

“It makes me wants to dance my cares away,” says Chris. Yep.

(And while you’re still dancing, click here to pre-order “The Sound of the Life of the Mind” on iTunes)

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  1. Hi there, i really love your music, i just added your video hope you like it, you can watch the music video, if you want to 🙂

  2. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Sweet tap dancing hezues…the video’s only been out a few hours and we’ve already got a DVD bonus-esque making of video!

    I assume there will be a twist ending which reveals the fact that the fraggles are all actual living/breathing real creatures while Rob Courdry is an amazingly human-like henson puppet operated by a team of puppeteers and robot scientists?

    Peace .n. “Opportunity knocks once so reach out and grab it, it could be come a habit, we’ll hitchike, car, or yellow-cab-it…..Mooovin right along chickadoon chicadoonnn”