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Beautiful Stained Glass Portraits of Science Heroes

Science is short on saints. History’s greatest scientists and science communicators are just people with a passion for empiricism. However, some have risen to the top with their discoveries, contributions, and dedication to science as a whole. Maybe the man who laid the groundwork for the digital revolution deserves a classic stained-glass painting too!

In celebration of this year’s Pi Day, Shutterstock commissioned five stained glass lithographs from artist Aaron Coleman for some of science’s most renowned names (using Shutterstock assets of course). The result is a collection that could hang in any science lab:

Ada Lovelace: The World’s First Computer Programmer


Nicola Tesla: Inventor, Engineer, Death-Ray Enthusiast


Alan Turing: The Father of Artificial Intelligence


Isaac Newton: Motion, Light, Calculus, and Pretty Much Everything Else by Age 25


Neil deGrasse Tyson: Astrophysicist, Communicator, Science Rock Star


Head over to Shutterstock to read Coleman’s descriptions of the thinking behind each piece.

Who is another scientist or thinker who deserves to be preserved in stained glass style?

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  1. RyanFaulk says:

    Real scientist, real scientist, real scientist, real scientist… black science man.

  2. PinkeyT says:

    Keep adding scientists and you’ll have a heck of a coffee table book.  I love the pics, but agree there are so many missing from the flock.  

  3. LutherW says:


  4. kayla says:

    Darwin, bill bye, and stephen hawking???

  5. WubWub says:


  6. James Marchment says:

    MICHAEL SERVETUS, brutally murdered – the slow agonizing death that religion does so well – by mad mass murderer JOHN CALVIN, the Butcher of Geneva.

  7. Joe Jackson says:


  8. Spiritus ex Machina says:

    Marie Currie

  9. Spiritus ex Machina says:

    Madame Curie!

  10. Eve O. Lution says:


  11. Beth says:

    Louis Pasteur.

  12. Mandy says:

    Where’s Carl Sagan? Einstien?! STARK?! Come on, people. 

  13. StarStuff says:

    Where is Sagan???? What dork chose Tyson over Carl Sagan?!