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BB-8 Meets a Hedgehog and The ‘Awws!’ Awaken

Shut it down. Just shut it all down. The internet, toys, movies, life—stop it here, because this short video of BB-8 interacting with a hedgehog might just be the answer to the meaning of life. (The actual, physical embodiment of “42.”)

The video is actually an advertisement—both for the Sphero BB-8, an “App Enabled Droid,” and The Force Awakens itself—and man if it isn’t great. I don’t speak droid or hedgehog, so I can’t translate this conversation for you, but I would guess the hedgehog is asking, “Where is Luke?” and BB-8 is saying, “I don’t know man, they wouldn’t even tell me.”

BB-8 as a toy is a lot of fun, and watching him (yes, him), interact with animals has certainly brought a lot of joy already. Those little encounters also confirmed that dogs follow the path of a Jedi while cats follow the Dark Side. Cause cats are cooler.

There have been some theories floated out there that BB-8 is really a double agent/spy/turncoat for Kylo Ren, but it’s hard to believe he could continuously be presented as so damn lovable and precocious if his ultimate plan is to rip out our hearts. I know J.J. Abrams might enjoy twists and surprises, but this would be too much. I need BB-8 to be just as adorable on screen as he has been during the build-up for the film.

We are now under a month until The Force Awakens opens and Star Wars can give life meaning anew, but honestly, we may have already found it.

What BB-8 video has been your favorite so far? Beep-bop your best ideas in the comments below.

Image: Star Wars/Sphero/Disneyland Experience/YouTube

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