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‘BB-8: Behind the Circuits’ Tells the “Real Story” of the Droid’s Career

It feels safe to assume we’re all completely smitten with BB-8. The charming, carefree little droid rolled his way right into America’s collective heart, delighting children and adults everywhere, but his journey was hardly as smooth as Lando’s mustache. Which is exactly what this new mockumentary, BB-8: Beyond the Circuits.

This “look” at the life and career of the British born B. Bradford the 8th, covers everything from his early passion for acting (like his father, “esteemed theatre actor Sir Montgomery Bradford”) to his performances in Greek tragedies, followed by his comedic work with “fellow schoolmate Jude Law.” And it is completely enthralling and adorable.


Covering his work in the Doctor Who revival and his time being typecast as a robot — even his full mental breakdown on the set of Wall-E, sending him into a deep depression — the clip features “interviews” with some of BB’s biggest costars.

“Oh yeah, BB was down, believe me. I’ve seen my share of actors getting rammed by this city, but he was a new low,” said friend George Clooney, “I tried cheering him up with my brilliant pranks, but he wouldn’t budge. Poor bastard.”


I don’t want to give away too much from this mockumentary, narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart (and actually made by Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez), because not only is it really funny, it’s a pretty spot on parody of a typical behind the scenes look at a celebrity that faced some personal demons before making it big.

However, we already know that this one has a happy ending, with BB-8’s journey leading him to a starring role in The Force Awakens, after he was spotted by new Star Wars director J.J. Abrams.

What did you find most interesting about BB-8’s life? Tell us in the comments right here.

Images: OnlyLeigh/YouTube

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