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BATTLECADE Could Be the Perfectly Portable Arcade Challenge

Swedish designer Love Hultén has taken two classic concepts and built the ultimate nostalgia machine. BATTLECADE, a prototype design that Hultén created, is inspired by the fun and excitement of multiplayer arcade games as well as the head-to-head competition of board games like Battleship. According to Hultén’s website, the BATTLECADE features “a side-by-side set up, the two opponents sit face to face, each looking at their own 12″ LCD screen and controllers, without being able to see the other person’s moves.”


This is truly a genius concept that it surprises me has yet to be implemented on an actual arcade game – at least as far as my research has shown. The case offers a foldable and easily portable design that holds both a slick modern feel as a well as a retro aesthetic that comes from the American Walnut finish around the cabinet. The console also has a small storage compartment to hold both of the detachable joysticks and the power supply cord to run the whole thing.


The BATTLECADE is not Hultén’s first venture into building arcade cabinets; in fact, that seems to be his niche. Visitors to his site also have the ability to purchase two types of custom game cabinets that Hultén designs and builds as made-to-order pieces. These include the one-player portable unit called the R-KAID-R, as well as a the full-sized PIXELKABINETT 42. Of course, they may just remain a dream for most of us, with their converted prices running to $2,785 and $4,125 respectively. That’s before Shipping and Handling from Switzerland, too. Alas, sometimes we are doomed only to dream.


Head over to Hultén’s website to check out a whole bunch of pictures and more of his amazing gaming cabinets, and also head down to the comment section and tell us about your best arcade game experience.

HT – Laughing Squid

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