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Batman with a Ukulele Battles Superman with Bagpipes

This Friday, we will finally see the superhero throwdown we’ve been waiting for since we realized we wanted to see superheroes fight each other – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though Justice will be Dawning, and we already kind of know Supes and Bats aren’t going to stay enemies forever, it’s going to be pretty cool to see these two titans of comic book legend square off and start punching each other in the face. But that’s not the only way they should fight! We want to see them fight in every arena! Maybe Foosball! Maybe Simon! Or maybe, as in today, with two of the more irritating musical instruments in the world.

The YouTube channel known as The Unipiper has uploaded one of the sillier videos we’ve seen in the war between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. What starts as a somber looking Batman playing his ’60s theme on a Ukulele turns into humiliation when Superman rides by, on a unicycle, playing the ’78 John Williams fanfare on bagpipes. Oh, and the bagpipes shoot fire out the back, because screw you, why wouldn’t bagpipes shoot flames? You think only Doof Warriors can do that?

The Unipiper has made quite a few of these videos, all featuring another reason to ride a unicycle while playing a flaming set of pipes. One of our favorites involves him dressed as King Arthur from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, trailed by someone dressed as his faithful steed Patsy and playing the film’s heroic anthem whilst fire shoots. The best part isn’t the accurate costuming or solid playing – while riding a unicycle for God’s sake – it’s the line of very confused people waiting to get into something who have no utter idea what in the world is going on. Confusing people with Scottish musical instruments and fire is anybody’s idea of a good time.

What ridiculous form of battle would you like to see Batman and Superman take to next? Is surprise bagpipe music a blessing or a curse? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: The Unipiper

Kyle Anderson is the Weekend Editor and a film and TV critic for Follow him on Twitter!

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