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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Michael? Wait, is that Trevor wearing a Batman leotard?


YouTuber, Merfish, has recreated the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s insane, funny, and completely spot on. Even their facial expressions are almost identical. Take a gander at the side-by-side comparison video posted above.

Watching Michael fly around in a Superman costume is definitely strange, but let’s be honest, no one would be surprised if Trevor did actually run around Los Santos in a bat suit at night; he’s that unpredictable. Plus, saying Trevor and the caped crusader are both emotionally unstable would be an understatement. Though, it seems like Trevor doesn’t have the same baller cars to cruise around in like Bruce does.

Then, there’s Lester. Poor, poor, Lester– he’s clearly seen better days. His grand entrance as Los Santo’s very own Doomsday is just him falling off of a building. At least he gets to shoot lasers out of his eyes at the end of the clip.

These recreations are obviously hilarious, but it’s great that so many talented people use mods and great video editing skills in such a creative manner. This YouTuber in particular has recreated several pop-culture videos, including the Pokémon and PowerPuff Girls intros. Keep ’em coming.

The GTAV community seriously never ceases to impress me.

What do you think about the recreated trailer? Do you like Trevor as the caped crusader? What other trailers would you like to be redone in Los Santos? Which mod is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Rockstar

HT: VG24/7

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