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BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Ice Cream Gives Heroic Brain Freeze

The hype for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is real, with the movie debut just a few weeks away. Promotion is at it’s peak, with store shelves stocking everything from Batman cereal to spicy Superman Doritos. So the question remains, where’s all the ice cream promo at?

Cold Stone Creamery is here to save the day with limited-time creations featuring the DC heroes from Dawn of Justice. What better way to promote the film than with custom-made ice cream? After all, I’m pretty sure the Fortress of Solitude is one big freezer section.

Batman v Superman Ice Cream Flavors-03032016

At Cold Stone you can create your own custom ice cream or order up one of their signature creations. These Batman v Superman treats showcase special mix-ins as if Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne had wandered into the store themselves. Superman’s Kryptonian Cake Sensation starts off with Cold Stone’s signature Cake Batter Ice Cream, then a mixture of sprinkles, strawberries, and yellow cake are mixed in and topped of with a heaping helping of whipped topping.

Batman’s Chocolate Cookie Crusade has a base of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, Oreo cookies, and a generous amount of fudge. The color palate is dark. Like the night.

No one puts Diana in the corner, Wonder Woman represents with Wonder Woman’s Strawberry Warrior. Strawberry ice cream is mixed with sprinkles, raspberries and bits of graham cracker pie crust. No Lasso of Truth licorice? Oh well, I can always customize my own.

Dawn of Justice Cake-03032016

These limited edition Batman v Superman menu items each come with their own corresponding character collectible shield ring. Also available for parties is a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cake. Featuring a topper scene of Superman fist-punching the Batmobile, the cake is made of layers of moist Devil’s Food Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream, studded with OREO cookies, all wrapped up in fluffy white frosting.

The Batman v Superman superhero creations are available at Cold Stone Creamery locations from now through April 19.

Which hero’s treat will you be trying? Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments!

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