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BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN Trailers Show What Happen When You Team Up with the Joker

What if you could change the Joker‘s destiny? If you’ve been playing Telltale GamesBatman: The Enemy Within, then you may have already done it. Players who choose to befriend the Joker when he was “John Doe” have the ability to create a bond between Batman and his would-be greatest enemy. There may not be a way to completely prevent the Joker’s emergence, but a new trailer for The Enemy Within‘s fifth and final episode reveals what could happen if the Joker models himself on Batman and becomes a semi-heroic vigilante.

Unfortunately, even this version of the Joker is potentially deadly. Joker may be loyal to Batman, but he could also alienate every other ally the Dark Knight has made in Gotham City.

Still, the idea of Joker as Batman’s partner has a lot of intriguing story potential. It’s also very amusing to see Joker use some of his own Batarangs in battle. This is the best of all possible outcomes, because it will be far worse if the Joker is born hating Bruce Wayne and Batman. If players have chosen to betray John Doe or turn their back on him, then the Joker’s going to want revenge. And he may even know that Bruce is Batman.

Batman: The Enemy Within episode five will wrap up this storyline on Tuesday, March 27.

Which path do you want to choose for the Joker? And do you want to see more stories in this universe? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: Telltale Games

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