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BATMAN: GOTHAM CRUSADERS – This Cartoon Should Be Real

When Young Justice was cancelled a few years ago after only 2 seasons, I was irate. This cartoon had almost every DC character known to man, great characterization, actual stakes, continuity, etc. It was the total package, and the best part of what was then known as DC Nation.

I came across a gallery the other day, that made me ecstatic and angry all at the same time. Ecstatic at what I was looking at, angry because it was just fan art, and not a real TV show. Artist Phil Cho has taken it upon himself to create his OWN Batman cartoon, calling it Gotham Crusaders. In the pictures and gallery that follow, you can see Phil has worked in DETAIL to create his own Bat-World. He has even broken the main cast down over 6 seasons. The rosters change over time, and the cast of each season can be used to guess what storylines we would have been able to see, had this show been real. Let’s take a look at what could (and SHOULD) have been. 

NOTE: Everything is 100% hypothetical and theoretical as to what happens in these seasons. That’s what makes it fun.

Season 1



We have the original members of the Bat-Family: Bruce, Dick, Barbara and Alfred. From the look of Mr. Grayson, it seems this won’t be an origin story season. I am okay with that. Batman: The Animated Series started off the same way, and it turned out alright (Fans of Batman: TAS, check out Kyle Anderson’s Batman: Reanimated articles. They’re great). I can see this season being more episodic, with a main storyline teased until the finale. We’ll see all the mainstays like the Joker and Two-Face, and maybe a lesser known character like Anarky. The top image indicates at least one team-up with the Man of Steel.

Season 2


Season 2 brings us the second Robin, Jason Todd. This excited me, because other than Batman: Under the Red Hood, we haven’t seen Jason Todd in any animated medium. In Young Justice, he had already died, so all we got was his memorial statue at their headquarters. This season would be a bit of a change. Bruce and Jason would always be at odds, Dick would be trying to become his own hero, and Barbara is stuck in the middle of it all. As you will see from the season 3 photo, this season would not end on the most positive note.

Season 3


Here we have the first major cast change, as Tim Drake takes over as Robin, and Cassandra Cain becomes the new Batgirl. That means the previous season would end with a storyline linking A Death in the Family to The Killing Joke. I am not sure how they would start season 3. Tim may already be Robin, or A Lonely Place of Dying would be the first season 3 story arc. I feel that the season-long arc would be the rise of Cassandra Cain as the new Batgirl. Nightwing’s role will be that of mentor to the new kids, as by now his “living in the shadow” complex will have surpassed. I also see that Batman’s costume looks more like the Jim Lee Hush version. That story could also fit into this season, as all of the cast is now present.

Season 4


Season 4 sees upgrades in Batman and Robin’s costumes. Since these particular costumes were results of Infinite Crisis in the comics, they will probably just say that it was “time for a change” this season. When you look at the season 5 cast, you can agree that a LOT happens during season 4. The major storylines we would see this year are Batman and Son and Batman R.I.P. The more this (imaginary) show goes on, the better it gets (in my head).

Season 5



Season 5 will have probably the most lighthearted tone of any season, as with Bruce “dead,” Dick Grayson has taken up the mantle of Batman, with Damian now Robin. The Spoiler has become Batgirl, and Tim, not ready to leave the nest just yet, takes the new identity of Red Robin. I think the Cassandra-Stephanie Batgirl transition would be a major part of this season, as is the search for Bruce Wayne. Tim was always sure he wasn’t dead in the comics, so I feel that his drive to find him with be a great subplot for season 5, with Bruce’s return coming in the season finale.

Season 6


Season 6 will see a lot of returns. Bruce as Batman, Barbara as Batgirl, and Dick as Nightwing. These latest costume upgrades show their New 52 styles. Since I don’t feel that Flashpoint will be included in the series, they will have to get creative to explain the extreme change to the status quo.

6 seasons. Of a show that doesn’t exist. Just talking about it really makes me wish it was real. And if you think these cast photos are great, check out the gallery below to see more allies, as well as the entire Rogues Gallery we would see.

You can see more of Phil’s art on his gallery page here.

So what do YOU think? Are you just as mad as I am that this isn’t an actual TV show? What are YOUR ideas for storylines based on the art Phil has created? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.

IMAGES: Phil Cho/DeviantArt


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