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BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT – ‘Gotham is Mine’ Trailer Showcases Supervillains

Hot off the heels of the revelation that Batman: Arkham Knight was given an ‘M’ rating by the ESRB, Rocksteady dropped a brand new trailer for the game. The teaser for Warner Bros. Interactive’s upcoming title, due out June 2 of this year, features the dastardly rogues gallery in all of their villainous glory.

Check it out below.

Yep that’s Poison Ivy at the top of the video, giving Batman the low down on Scarecrow’s plan to seize Gotham. We also get to see the likes of Two-Face, The Penguin, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, and, of course, The Arkham Knight team up to take down the caped crusader once and for all. After Ivy’s spiel, Scarecrow tells Gotham’s criminals to keep having fun because they’re under his protection. After warning the police force that they will not be spared, he taunts Batman, “and to Batman, I have already won.”

The rest of the video is an action packed sequence showing off the Batmobile–which is a new addition to Rocksteady’s games. As he races around town in the playable vehicle, Batman is seen shooting rockets at enemies and ejecting from the driver’s seat to everyone’s surprise. It’s definitely interesting to see the integration of the classic car into not only the series, but the combat as well. Speaking of combat, it looks like the majority of it remains the same, which is good to hear considering all of the praise the mechanic has received in past iterations.

Are you excited to dive into this ‘M’ rated adventure? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. kerrell says:

    Wow my jaw dropped watching that trailer. I’m so excited for this, why can’t it be June already. The wait has been far too long.

  2. Shane says:

    David Tennant, I didn’t know you were playing the Riddler.

  3. larry says:

    Is it wrong that I want Batman to lose haha

  4. Chris says:

    Yet another reason why I hate that I can’t afford a PS4. I’m pretty sure the needle fingers were part of Scarecrow’s costume. Might the Arkham Knight be a former Robin turned evil, or Slade Wilson in disguise?