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#BassettTrekYes, Ben Folds Gets Weird, Will Forte Panels Up, PMC 200: The Week In Podcasts

Ever want to just press a button on a remote and freeze everyone and everything else so you can catch up on all the stuff for which you have no time? Okay, that was sort of the plot of an Adam Sandler movie, but, really, that’s often how I feel, seeing as how I sometimes just can’t catch up with anything. (No, I HAVEN’T seen ANY of the binge-watching favorites yet. HOW DO PEOPLE HAVE TIME TO WATCH TV?!?) This week is especially troublesome, since I’ve been traveling all week for work and, well, I have a TON of great shows from the Nerdist Podcast Network collected on my phone waiting for me to catch up while I sit in a Fort Lauderdale hotel ballroom surrounded by radio folks. (Yes, I know it’s my job to listen to all of the shows. I’ve just failed in my mission to increase the number of hours in a day. Lord knows I’ve tried.) If you didn’t hear them, either, well, join me in checking out what we served up:

*Angela Bassett on the Nerdist Podcast talking about reprising her Olympus Has Fallen role in London Has Fallen, which ups the ante a little, plus so,e talk about her childhood, Yale, playing Tina Turner (and getting an Oscar nomination for it), and… well, I do know that there’s a Twitter hashtag #BassettTrekYes for a reason.

*The always amazing Ben Folds on the always amazing You Made It Weird.

*Will Forte, showrunner Andy Bobrow, and the writers of The Last Man On Earth previewing the new season (starting Sunday!) on The Writers Panel.

*Maria Bamford joining Cole and Vanessa for a very special 200th episode of Pop My Culture.

*Jesse Thorn on creating podcast magic and dressing well on The Jonah Keri Podcast.

*Kurt Braunohler violating the very idea of a “Just Kurt” episode of The K Ohle by not being the only person on a “Just Kurt” episode.

*Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, hosts of Destination America’s new show Paranormal Lockdown, getting all creepy-like on Bizarre States.

*Two very talented people, comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and cellist Zoe Keating, comparing notes and advice with Janet on The JV Club.

*Actor and director Tyler Nimmons talking about parenthood and his friendship with Tom on Pro You.

*Actor Alex Shaffer — who, coincidentally enough, played a character named Timmons in Win Win and who, as in the movie, really was a high school wrestler (and champ!) — grappling with Kevin and Steve’s usual madness on Chewin’ It.

*A Legacy Music Hour Free Play that sort of had a theme: Haircuts. No, really.

*Chad Kultgen joining the crew for analysis of The Bachelor‘s Jamaica adventure on Will You Accept This Rose?

*Writer and podcaster Chris Paul on Love, Alexi. Not CP3.

*Jackie and Laurie talking about weight loss, Lisa Lampanelli, and merch — including the sale of some interesting t-shirts — on The Jackie and Laurie Show.

*A very special, guest-free, Oscars-and-Twix edition of Today We Learned.

*That story about the frozen-then-revived rabbit’s brain getting the Alison-Alex-Tom treatment on Half Hour Happy Hour.

*A pre-Oscars potluck at Cinefamily with our own Jonah Ray plus Geoff Tate and Morgan Murphy on Dining With Doug And Karen.

*Danny Lobell coming by the new place for The Todd Glass Show.

*And Erinn Hayes visiting the Elfmans for a debate on sex math — sex math? — on Kicking and Screaming.

They’re all waiting for you and me at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page, or, if you’ve done the right thing and subscribed like I have, they’re all dutifully waiting for you in the podcast app of your choosing. Man, do I have a lot of listening to do on the flight home.

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