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Bask in the Many Faces of MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA With These 12 GIFs

Bask in the Many Faces of MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA With These 12 GIFs

You’ve probably already heard the bad news: the animation in Mass Effect: Andromeda is proving…problematic. The game is a mere three days from launching, and reviewers and folks with EA Access have already been bashing the awkward character faces in the game—which Bioware reportedly won’t be fixing with the day one patch. With so many people having access, the issue has spread across the web like wildfire with a series of hilarious GIFs. Here are 12 of our favorites!

This is noot good. Noot good at all.

HT: Drew Peacock

TFW when you completely nail a mission. Say it with me, “Yaaaas!”

HT: Roidan

You’re never fully dressed without an incredibly creepy smile.


Oh no.

HT: DeathMetalist

No words…

HT: Saya

That awkward moment when you realize how awkward you look.

HT: Lime

Nope, nothing to see here.

HT: Officer.Sanchez

The actual quote from the game says it all: “Sorry, my face is tired of dealing with…everything.” Indeed.

HT: BeastGaming

At this point, you’re probably thinking that you can’t believe your eyes.


A twist on the Michael Jackson classic.

HT: XLetalis

Act natural.

HT: DrewPeacock

Okay, that’s enough for today!


HT: Katamariontherocks

As of right now, the animation problem only seems to plague the human characters in the game. Aside from the Asari, most of the alien races seemed to have come out relatively unscathed. It will be interesting to see if the issue persists or worsens as players dive deeper into the world of Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s a strange issue to see, especially so close to the game’s release. Despite its own quirks, Bioware’s previous title, Dragon Age: Inquisition performed much better.

When the problem first came to light back in January regarding the footage seen in the above tweet, fans were quick to point out how awkward Sara’s face looked. Amidst the uproar, Bioware general manager, Aaryn Flynn, apologized for the bug, and promised that the team would fix it. So although it won’t be fixed by the time it comes out, it sounds like there will be a patch later on down the line.

Which gif was your favorite? Will you still be picking up Mass Effect: Andromeda, despite the glaring issues with character animation? Let us know in the comments below!


Featured Image Credit: Bioware/Gamespot

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