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Barack Obama Guests On BETWEEN TWO FERNS with Zach Galifianakis

There could be many reasons that President Barack Obama would be in an episode of a web series, especially one as satirical as Funny or Die’s Between Two Ferns with Zach GalifianakisHe could be sharpening his comedy chops for the upcoming White House Correspondents Dinner, which is a great opportunity for Obama to roast many people on Capitol Hill and in the media. He could be appealing to that ever elusive but much sought after young vote by being on one of the Internet’s most beloved web series. Or he could also be cleverly plugging while matching wits with Galifianakis.

After watching the POTUS on Between Two Ferns, I’d say he pretty much accomplishes all of the above and makes a case for his being the funniest President of all time.

How do you think he did? Let’s put politics aside and post our reviews in the comments below….

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  2. Jeff L. says:

    Some of you either (a) enjoy the sketch for what it is, (b) develop a sense of humor, or (c) pull the pineapple coated in lead out of your asses.

    Would you rather the subject have been Bush’s two wars that his administration started based on false, fabricated information?

    If you’re outraged about affordable healthcare for American citizens, I hope you’re even more concerned about the two wars.

  3. signjay says:

    Who is this guy? Not Obama. I know who he is.

  4. Jaime says:

    Wow.. Some of you folks sound seriously crazy. Plants? Really? Please get help.

  5. tttt9erfan says:

    That is by far the stupiest thing I have ever seen! The pr on this horrendous failed legislation has been embarrassing at best. Broinsurance, the Richard Simmons thing, etc. who is running this ad campaign? They all need to be fired! While trying to be cool and hip he looks silly and childish. If the legislation was any good at all they wouldn’t need all the ridiculous ads to help sell it. If it was good it would be selling itself!! Wake up folks!

  6. Ken McCray says:

    If this was a plug for Obama care it was pretty bad. The President allowed Zach to ask hard hitting questions regarding Obamacare in the name of comedy that B.O. would never allow other news networks ro do. Everything this President does is carefully scripted. He can’t think without a teleprompter in front of him. Kinda of reminds me of Ted on the Mary Tyler Moore show who read his news reports but did not have an understanding or clue as what he read. Obama might as well be reading promptings in a foreign language. The answers they had him read back made him look bad and I am surprised he allowed that. Obama is a wonderful parrot, He is a child compared to Putin on the world stage. Long live King Obama

  7. tttt9erfan says:

    Could these comments be any more fake? How desperate can they get? Talk about “Jumping the Shark.” Then to fill in the comment section with such plants that gush over this stupid performance is beyond childish. This is the most ridiculous administration in history. It will be nice when we get an adult back in the White House!!

  8. Wally Rogers says:

    Did someone say, Presidential”?
    I didn’t think so.
    And this man is running our country???
    (Or is that “ruining?”)

  9. Ksera says:

    His answers were as fake as all the slobbering posts on this site. Obvious plants sent to this site to promote BHO and ACA. Transparently obvious.

  10. Smegma Dickcheeze says:

    My guess is that our King has better things to do with his time (but his minions don’t have any idea what he should be doing)

  11. Lori says:

    He is such a people’s president, down to earth, funny, sings, love everyone…………….not a pompous ass like others. Clinton was the same, very personable.

  12. Derek says:

    Love this video! Just brilliant and Obama is a great straight man.

  13. Carol Ccole says:

    The worst interview ever! BO was dumbfounded and not with it!!!

  14. Marin Stafford says:

    It was kind of you, Zach, to potentially sacrifice your popularity by feeding this humorless POTUS your lines. It didn’t work for me. You have lost a fan.

  15. CaotsIII says:

    The comments section on this video just proves how brainless people can be. This is not a “shameless plug” for ACA. It may be an informational piece coupled with a bit of dry comedy, but in no way a “shameless plug.” When will American’s realize that fox news doesn’t have your best interest in mind. ACA is a benefit to you and no media coverage is a “shameless plug” because it shouldn’t involve shame. Your laws on health care are already mind blowing and somehow you think that making it affordable for you is a bad thing? Unbelievable.

  16. Maryellen Collins says:

    Too funny! I love Zak, and I love how POTUS got his point across but also held his own with a comic genius.

  17. Anna Aust says:

    Too funny! That’s why we love this President so much.

  18. Marc says:

    Scripted! is that normal for this show?

  19. Roxy Boisvert-Newman says:

    I just love President Obama! He is intelligent, eloquent, personable, and funny…even when not prompted! How fortunate for all of you in the U.S… how forward and evolved you are to have Barack Obama as your Commander and Chief.
    It is so important to everyone that someone in charge is not afraid to TRY to make things better. The unfortunate thing is that this person becomes the scape goat when ideas don’t work out…still, cudos to him and his administration! Certainly someone to be proud of as a great and liberating nation. Sometimes ideas don’t work out as they should…let’s hope the next administration has the tenacity and courage to carry these ideas to positive fruition and to the benefit of all!

  20. John Epp says:

    Well written sketch. The president is funny, but it is entirely scripted so Zach or others wrote the whole thing. Look at the way the president looks above Zach at cue cards, even when he’s saying a joke. But well done.

  21. Tillburg says:

    Enjoyed the hell out of that. Couldn’t believe Between Two Ferns got him to do this.

  22. JOSH HATFIELD! says:

    Very funny, but extremely fake. Obama is not a great actor.

  23. kris says:

    not funny. shameless plug for the ACA which is a total crock of shit. Zach you just lost a long time fan.

  24. o2b says:

    Between Two Fails.

  25. Dan Davis says:

    It’s totally a healthcare plug, but I think it was also a chance for Obama to be a dick in a relatively public way. Which was awesome.

  26. April says:

    I don’t always like Galifinakis’ awkward comedy style, but juxtaposed against the President, it was spot on & so funny. President Obama has some comedic chops too. I lol’ed several times.

  27. Combaticron says:

    It’s pretty obvious that the teleprompter is off to Zach’s left. That said, this was pretty funny.

  28. Stephen says:

    It’s pretty clear this is an attempt at letting young people know about the ACA.

  29. SayntMykl says:

    I am CRYING, I am laughing so hard!!! X’D

  30. nightmare_bear says:

    better here than fox. people actually complained that he opened cosmos. sighmerica

  31. Neil says:

    The hangover jab was pretty good and the Bush line at the end was pretty funny.

    Overall: Not bad

  32. Jessica Duffy says:

    I think sometimes we forget why we voted for him 6 years ago. President Obama is probably the best spoken president in a long time. That said his administration made me go libertarian -_-