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Bandcamping: A Summery Mix for a Chilled Out Weekend

We’re back from Dover, Delaware now following our trip to the Firefly Music Festival, and while we had fun spending time with some artists we already know and love (including Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker), we’ve been itching to discover some new acts who might one day be some of those artists we already know and love. On this week’s Bandcamping, we got ourselves a good haul of performers who have the potential for staying power.

We’ll let y’all decide how true that is, so here are a few of the best releases we saw on Bandcamp this time around:

5. Sissy Heathens by Sissy Heathens

sissy heathens

Genre: noise rock, punk, indie rock
If you like: Parquet Courts, The Men, Cloud Nothings

This is about as raw a release to ever be featured in this space, but despite that, there’s a great propulsive and kinetic energy behind it that demands its inclusion. The punk ethos shines through because of its muffled production, giving it almost a slowcore vibe at time in its restrained, aggressive darkness.

4. Trace Your Shadow by Ninth & Final

ninth and final

Genre: indie pop, arena rock
If you like: Angels & Airwaves, Owl City, Electric Light Orchestra

Ninth & Final makes no secret of the fact that they count Angels & Airwaves among their chief inspirations, but there’s also more of a DIY indie pop influence at play as well, like arena rock for tumblr teens who grew up on bands like Hellogoodbye and Owl City. It’s an interesting combination, one that’s as new as it is anthemic.

3. Last One In is a Dreamer by The New Investors

the new investors

Genre: indie rock, dream pop
If you like: Real Estate, The Cure

This Danish group makes midtempo indie rock that’s meant to get lost in: It’s certainly present in its own right, but it can also take you somewhere else if you close your eyes and let it. It meets that sort of dream pop aesthetic but with slightly more of an edge, expertly teetering the line between ambient and propulsive. They even come off a bit like Neil Young for a moment on “Decembering”: This is a fun listen.

2. Demonstration Rock Album by Chris Cheveyo

chris cheveyo

Genre: indie rock
If you like: Real Estate, Ariel Pink, Mac DeMarco

Vibey indie rock is super perfect for warm, lazy summer days, so go ahead and add Chris Cheveyo to your rotation. Demonstration Rock Album is a relaxing, if oddly titled, release, and it’s the perfect soundtrack to spending a day on the beach… or with your eyes closed on your porch imagining you’re on the beach.

1. Sad Moon Rising by Black Palms Orchestra

black palms orchestra

Genre: indie rock, alternative rock, alternative country
If you like: Timber Timbre, The Cure, The National

If outlaw country was more atmospheric, creepy, and brooding, you’d have Black Palms Orchestra. The band describes themselves as “country noir,” and that’s fair: It definitely has that distinctive twang at times (especially on “The Loneliest DJ”), but on that same track, they sound a lot like The National. There’s a myriad of influences at play here, and they all come together in a darkly harmonious way.

Honorable Mentions

Circle by Lucky Shirt
Genre: indie rock, emo
If you like: Woods, Brand New

Raindrops by Dom L. Diablo
Genre: indie rock, electronica, indie pop
If you like: Twin Shadow

That’s all for today, but until next week, let us know in the comments which of these albums were your favorites, what we missed, and what we should look forward to. If you missed out on the previous installment, a ranking of the first half of 2016, check it out here (and the complete Bandcamping archives are here).

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