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BALLOT BANTER: Ben Affleck Spars with Bill Maher, John Oliver Explains Civil Forfeiture and More!

This week was a big one for political commentary on international issues. Everything from Islamophobia to money in politics to sexual harassment to civil forfeiture were discussed by the late night comedians. Watch below for the highlights from this week in our latest installment of Ballot Banter!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

How A Bill Becomes An Ad

We all know the School House Rock! classic “I’m Just A Bill,” explaining to young kids how our government makes bills for decades. The good folks at The Daily Show have revamped the tune for a modern, 2014 audience.

Jessica’s Feminized Atmosphere

With a perfectly appropriate introduction from host Jon Stewart, correspondent Jessica Williams and dozens of New York City women explain their version of a “feminized atmosphere.” Say it with me: “Sir, it is not okay for you to say you want to take a s**t on my t**s and take a dump on my breasts. Also, that’s redundant.”

The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart
Episode 4: Jordan Klepper & Adam Lowitt

Fairly recent addition to the news team Jordan Klepper and EP Adam Lowitt talk about what it takes to be a correspondent on The Daily Show and reveal what it feels like to work alongside some the talent they admire most on this weeks episode of The Daily Show Podcast.

The Colbert Report

Scenes from the Values Voter Summit

Whether he likes it or not, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is an academic. Stephen discusses Jindal’s attempt to hide his experience with “science” before a likely bid for the 2016 presidency.

Bill O’Reilly Takes Offense

Colbert addresses Papa Bear Bill O’Riley, who was offended by his support of his plan to hire a mercenary army to defeat ISIS. The Colbert Report host also explains why he is actually O’Riley’s biggest ally.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time was chock full of really important conversation this week and I would encourage anyone reading Ballot Banter to “borrow” whatever HBO Go password they use to watch Game of Thrones and True Detective to watch this particular episode.

First, the clip making headlines this week is a very complicated and very sensitive argument about Islam. I won’t try to explain it myself, but I encourage you to watch the clip below and consider the conversation that all parties are trying to have.

Before the contentious debate that took over the media, Senator Elizabeth Warren made an appearance on the show and discussed her fight to lower the interest on student loans. She also urges the country to stop treating America’s young people as a cash grab while corporations are receiving tax breaks out the wazoo. It’s a really important issue that affects all Americans, and Warren’s knowledge and passion surrounding this issue and many, many more are just a few reasons why so many people hope she runs for president in 2016.

Ben Affleck, Sam Harris and Bill Maher Debate Radical Islam


Finally, Overtime featured very healthy dialogue about the Congo, Detroit and tax breaks for the rich, as well. This episode features Real Time host Bill Maher and guests Ben Affleck, Nicholas Kristof, Michael Steele and Sam Harris.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Civil Forfeiture

Civil Forfeiture is majorly effed up. The topic appeared in a field piece on The Daily Show back in July and now Last Week Tonight spends a good portion of this week’s show addressing how incredibly damaging and bizarre the law and abuse of the law really is.

Ben Affleck Photo Credit: Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times

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