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1st Reactions to AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Says It Lives Up to the Hype

Most of us mere mortals must wait until Thursday to see Avengers: Infinity War, but a select few blessed Marvel fans got to see the movie Monday night at its world premiere. While those lucky enough to be in attendance are adhering to the sacred code of silence (no spoilers!), they are free to share their thoughts on the movie. So to help tide the rest of us over until we see Thanos invade Earth in search of some pretty stones, we gathered up the first reactions to the film.

Let’s kick things off with a tweet from director Kevin Smith, who seemed to be, let’s just say, impressed.

But he was far from the only one.

Our Editor-in-Chief Rachel Heine knows that brevity is the soul of wit.

Or maybe she just didn’t want us to know she got a little teary-eyed.

Marvel has been begging people not to spoil the movie, but we’re ready to turn off social media for the next few days considering how much people keep talking about the crazy ending.

As far as the extensive cast of characters go, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy seemed to rank among people’s favorites.

Of course, not everyone was totally happy with every part of the film. Some critics found that Infinity War didn’t totally stand on its own (which makes the wait for the follow-up film even tougher to bear). Others still lamented that it was maybe a little too big in terms of its ambition.

When those are the “harshest” reactions, Marvel has probably done something right. Now how long do the rest of us have to wait to see it? A couple days? Okay, we can do this.

What do you make of this first reactions? What are you most excited about now? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Marvel

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