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Ask The Geeky Hostess #1: Drinks of 2012


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I’m hosting a party for New Year’s Eve, and I want some drinks that will impress my friends. What should I make?

Celebrate the New Year by looking back at some of the best times you’ve had in 2012: the midnight screenings of these movies. Make one drink or serve a selection! Enjoy them sparingly; just because a new Hangover movie comes out in 2013 doesn’t mean you need to start the year with one.

The Web Shooter (The Amazing Spider-Man)
1/2 ounce Grenadine
1/2 ounce Blue Curacao
1/2 ounce Cream

Layer the ingredients into a shot glass, starting with Grenadine and ending with cream. Shoot. Drink until Andrew Garfield’s accent sounds convincing.

Hulk Smash (The Avengers)
1 ounce Malibu Rum
1 ounce Midori
1 ounce Vodka
Mountain Dew

Pour liquor into a tall glass filled with ice. Fill the rest of the glass with Mountain Dew. Pairs well with shawarma.

Dark and Stormy (The Dark Knight Rises)
2 ounces Dark Rum
Ginger beer
1/2 ounce lime juice

Pour the rum into a tall glass filled with ice. Fill the rest of the glass with Ginger Beer. Squeeze a lime wedge (or two, if you prefer) into the drink. Stir. It’s not the drink you deserve, but the drink you need.

Precious (The Hobbit)
1 ounce clear apple vodka
1 ounce regular vodka
1 ounce Goldschlager (or another cinnamon liquor with gold flakes)
.5 ounce Sour Apple Pucker
Caramel sauce

Rim a martini glass with caramel sauce, and then dip in sugar, making a “gold ring.” Pour all liquid ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake, and pour into the martini glass. Make the receiver of the drink solve a riddle before you give it to him. Drink enough of these, and you just may think you can run around, invisible to your friends! (Disclaimer: You can’t.)

Girl on Fire (The Hunger Games)
1/2 ounce Grenadine
1/2 ounce Amaretto
1/2 ounce 151 proof Rum

Layer the ingredients in a shot glass, starting with the Grenadine and ending with the 151-proof rum on top. Light the rum on fire. Blow out after a few seconds, then take the shot. (Make sure someone sober is lighting the drinks on fire, and avoid lighting over mahogany tables — someone will probably get mad at you.)

Above all, have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!

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  1. Brian says:

    I have the Dark and Stormy whenever I go to Cat n Fiddle, it is delicious.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Love the drink ideas and the witty descriptions! Girl on Fire sounds like it will be amazing.

  3. Patrick says:

    well those look tasty!

  4. Zachary Cohn says:

    Love it! I think the only way to ask for the Dark and Stormy is in the Batman voice though.

  5. Cort says:

    I am all over the Hulk Smash. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Jaclyn says:

    The “Web Shooter” sounds so tasty! I will definitely have to give that a try! Yumm!