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ASH VS EVIL DEAD Has Lucy Lawless Fighting Dirty In The Battle Against Deadites

October will be one hell of a showdown in terms of horror-television this year. While the sixth season of The Walking Dead will be premiering on October 11th, another hotly anticipated show will be entering the scene on Halloween. The new Starz series, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, will see the return of Bruce Campbell to the franchise that made him famous. Only Ash won’t be alone this go-around—unlike all those previous times—with Starz alumni/badass Lucy Lawless joining the fight. Entertainment Weekly recently ran a story talking to both Campbell and Lawless about the series, as well as what part Lawless will play. The story ran with a new image from the series, showcasing the former warrior princess in all of her glory.

Messy Lucy

Ms. Lawless is looking as fierce as ever covered in the remnants of Deadites, and we can expect her to be living up to some of her most badass characters of the past. In describing her character, Ruby, Lucy told EW, “She’s a bad bitch and she’s stalking Ash Williams. She’s got a big chip on her shoulder and a hot obsession.” Ruby will be a rather mysterious character for the series, one who is determined to discover the source of the Deadite invasion, and is certain Ash is connected to it somehow. It’s like she’s playing the Agent Henriksen to Campbell’s Dean Winchester—a much more cheesy Dean Winchester. That’s a good thing, though.


Image: horrorharbour.tumblr

Well, Halloween is always a fun time of year, but Starz has just made waiting for it that much more unbearable. In the meantime, satiate your curiosity about the series with our own Dan Casey’s interview with Bruce and Lucy at Comic-Con:

Who will be watching Ash Vs Evil Dead when it premieres? Let us know in the comments  below!

Image Credit: Starz

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