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Artist Draws SEINFELD’s George Costanza as Other Pop Culture Icons

This month marks seventeen years (!) since the sitcom about nothing, Seinfeld, ended its 9-season run. The showed offered memorable moments, memorable characters, and quotable lines that are still uttered today.

Soup Nazi gif

Everyone who enjoyed this show has their favorite episode, their favorite moment, and their favorite character. It seems that graphic artist Nicko Phillips and I have something in common: our love of George Costanza. Narcissistic yet insecure, conniving yet short-sighted; George was the embodiment of contradictions and neurosis. George always wanted more or better but did not want to work very hard for it. His standards were high, and his work ethic small. In short (wink) George was exactly who we all try not to be in order to maintain good social standing, a constraint George did not have to worry about.

While my love for George is carried in my heart and reruns of the show, Nicko decided to take his love for George and make something creative out of it. Over on his Instagram page, Nicko decided to take a picture of George Costanza and transform it into various other characters from pop culture. From Ziggy Stardust and Mrs. Doubtfire to James Hetfield and Snoop Dogg, this collection spans genres and mediums to show that George Costanza stands eternal…or just that he looks funny as other people.

Take a look at some of the pictures below, then be sure to visit his feed for the rest of the collection.


Day 2. George’s World. Party on George! #30DaysOfCostanza #Seinfeld #Costanza #CantStandYa #WaynesWorld

A photo posted by Nicko Phillips (@nickophillips) on

What do you think of Nicko’s tribute? Who else should he turn George into? Let us know in the comments below.

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