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Art Snob: Mondo’s Man of Steel

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Mention posters to any diligent “pop art” collector, and the first words you’ll probably hear are Mondo. In the short time the company has been around, it’s established itself as the preeminent provider for awesome nerdy posters (and more recently, limited edition vinyl records) which instantly become highly sought-after collectibles. Based in Austin, Mondo has a unique way of releasing their very limited edition art; surprise “drops” over the company’s Twitter account, which has made buying a Mondo poster a similar experience to buying a concert ticket. The rush of emotion, the nerves, the elation of actually snagging one (I’ve been lucky enough to get one Mondo poster to date; and even that is a pretty good haul, considering how rare and in-demand these pieces of art are).

The fine folks at Mondo have announced their newest release… and it’s pretty Super. In celebration of the upcoming Man of Steel film, Mondo will be putting out 4 different posters; each as spectacular as the last.

First up is this piece by Ken Taylor, showing young Clark (or Kal-El if you know what’s up) in simpler times on his family farm in Smallville. (20 x 36, in an edition of 300 posters- retailing for $50)


Ken Taylor is also offering this variant edition, with a more somber color palette (possibly speaking of events to come?). (20X36, in an edition of 150 posters- priced at $75 each)


Both Ken Taylor posters will be released at a random time today, Thursday, June 13th, at Follow @mondonews on Twitter for the announcement at time of sale.

Also on the release slate, is this extremely detailed, cinematic poster by Martin Ansin (24 x 36, edition size TBD, at a price of $50 per poster).

ANSIN-MANOFSTEEL-R-PRESSFear not; Martin Ansin is offering a variant as well, in this Metal edition (24 X 36, in a set of 130 posters, marked at $300)

ANSIN-MANOFSTEEL-V-PRESSThe variant will be released during a random drop on Twitter on Friday June 14th. The standard Ansin will be only the second poster in Mondo’s history to have a “timed release”: “We will put the poster on sale for 3 days. We will start the sale at 12:01AM CST on Friday, June 14th and the sale will be open until 12:01AM on Monday, June 17th. No purchasing limits. No sold out tweets. You will have a full 72 hours (3 days) to buy this. The edition will be determined by how many are sold in that amount of time. After that, the edition will be closed, printed and never reprinted again.”

So if you’re a fan of Supes or just great art, make sure to try and score one of these substantial pieces. And to all you Mondo fans out there… good luck, and Superspeed.

 Are you a fellow art snob? Want to talk about an artist you think is doing great stuff? A gallery that should be showcased? Maybe you’ve got your own awesome geek art you want to share with the world? Leave a Quemment, email me, or hit me up on the Twitter Machine.

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