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ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s Alia Shawkat to Star in Michael Showalter TV Comedy

While TBS is typically the home of light, upbeat sitcoms and Seth MacFarlane cartoon reruns, its latest piece of programming seems off the beaten path for the typically sunny network. It was just announced that Search Party—a dark comedy starring Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat and created by Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers and Michael Showalter—was just ordered to series and will premiere in 2016.

According to the trailer, the series focuses on a group of four twentysomethings who learn about the death of a college classmate to which they were not particularly close. However, Shawkat’s character becomes absorbed by the mystery, which her friend hypothesizes may be because her own life feels empty and insignificant.

If that seems uncharacteristic for the network, that’s because—as The Hollywood Reporter points out—TBS is undergoing a substantial re-branding at the moment. In addition to the network’s new logo that debuted today (seen in the above trailer), TBS president Kevin Reilly said back in May that the network, along with sibling channel TNT, will look to add more dynamic programming to its line-up going forward. “We’ll double the number of our original series on TBS and TNT over the next three years,” Reilly stated. “And we’ll sharpen the point of view and be even more adventurous in our programming choices.”

TBS has also axed its shows Clipped, Men at Work, Sullivan & Son, Ground Floor, and King of the Nerds, with American Dad! being it’s only series that will carry over into 2016. To replace the departed programming, the network has added, among other shows, a cop comedy created by Nancy and Steve Carell that stars Rashida Jones.

HT: The Hollywood Reporter
Featured Image: TBS

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