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ARQ Looks Like the Gritty Time Travel Movie We’ve Always Wanted

When it comes to repeated-day time travel movies, the two pillars in our book are Harold RamisGroundhog Day and Doug Liman‘s Edge of Tomorrow (we refuse to use its revised title). One is a comedic character study, the other is an alien invasion action epic, but they both explore the idea of getting a billion do-overs that seemingly only one person realizes is happening. Netflix’s new original film ARQ looks to take the concept in a decidedly more stripped-down, thriller-based take on the subject matter.

The movie stars The Flash‘s Robbie Amell and Jessica JonesRachael Taylor as a couple who are forced to live the same day on repeat thanks to a strange device called an ARQ that creates clean reusable energy (and also creates a time fissure) and a group of masked kidnappers that want to steal it. Every time Amell dies, the day starts over again…but maybe it’s not only he who can start remembering things. The cast list is very small, and the whole thing appears to take place in a couple very confined locations. Just our speed!

The film is written and directed by Orphan Black writer Tony Elliot and it feels like exactly the kind of project that Netflix wants to cultivate, what with the success of Stranger Things and their upcoming season of Black Mirror. I’m getting definite Primer and 12 Monkeys vibes, as well as the fantastic Spanish movie Timecrimes and The X-Files episode “Monday” which was a standout of the later seasons. Some good pedigree on all fronts. We can’t wait for September 16!

Let us know your thoughts on new sci-fi splendor in the comments below!

Remember that time Will Smith and his kid had to find Earth?

Image: Netflix

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