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Are More HOBBIT Films on the Way?!

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. We’re talking about Peter Jackson and the team behind the Hobbit trilogy, of course!

Though audiences worldwide seem to be feeling franchise fatigue by this point, Peter Jackson stated that he might be willing to return to Middle-earth in a few years. But why? How? WHAT?! Join Jessica Chobot on today’s Nerdist News as she tries to surmise what further Middle-earth movies could be, why they would be, and how we can convince Peter Jackson to just chill out and go make some original movies. Unless we’re talking about Lord of the Rings Origins: Gimli. In which case, PROCEED, sir.

Thanks for watching today’s show, check out Hillywood’s Lord of the Rings/Frozen parody, hear Dan’s Top Ten Christmas Movies on The Dan Cave, and let us know in the comments below if you’re ready to bid farewell to Middle-Earth!

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  1. Richard says:

    Dain… King Dain.  Tell his story.

  2. Hallin says:

    Im sorry but i dont care if you are “burned out” the worst criticism these films deserve is for the CG and the lack of context the theatrical cuts possess. 

  3. He’s planning a 10 film adaptation of The Silmarillion……

  4. RyanRyan says:

    More Middle Earth Please.

  5. Washington Irving says:

    NO! GOD NO!!!!

  6. agirlyman says:

    Gotta get my daily dose of Chobot, always so Goddamn Goot!

  7. Trev says:

    i want MOAR…dur…..

  8. Alyssa says:

    If anything, Aragorn deserves an orgin movie, there’s so much untouched back story.

  9. Dan says:

    950 hour trilogy?