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No More ‘Vice’: ARCHER To Return to the Spy Game

With two seasons picked up at FX, the folks who bring you hit animated series Archer have some time and space to really do whatever they want. For now, series creator Adam Reed wants to get back to basics. More specifically, he wants to go from the Archer: Vice tangent, if you will, back to good ol’ fashioned goofy espionage.

As of right now, the ISIS members aren’t so much like In Like Flint or Austin Powers as they’ve transitioned to being drug dealers, Archer-style of course, selling an entire ton of cocaine. The move for next season is being hailed as sort of a deboot rather than a reboot, since the series will be moving chronologically forward, but, in either case, we’ll be just excited to see more, especially as there are those two aforementioned seasons on the way of the shenanigans of the master spy, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

HT: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Aaron Heidemann says:

    (Deep breath) LLLAAAAAAANNNAAAAAAAAA…….and number 2 shut up

  2. torry marrs says:

    Picked up the ‘Archer’ paperback just for fun, no idea WTF is was about, jut looked funny. Reading it on the bus as of late, laughing out loud and all these people asking how like the character, which episode, Pam this and Archer that and i’m Like WHAT!?? So now I’m buying seasons box sets by the week to catch up. Holy shit, what a great show,hysterical, fab writing finally by some clever droids somewhere! An escape on Monday’s at last! Brilliant phrasing! LOL

  3. RudeNuT says:

    More Krieger please! Hes the best thing about this show!
    2 more seasons = amazing news

  4. Species2814 says:

    i think you can incorporate so many amazing ideas as flashbacks to M.A.S.H., G.I.Joe, any of the CSI. pretty much any show! there is allot of amazing retro content that Archer can derive from. cant wait to see whats next!

    Look Forward to the rest of the season and the next two as well

  5. ReBecca says:

    thank god I’ve been missing the ol’ ISIS days… and so sick of coked out pam I want the old pervy pudgy one back!!

  6. Jack says:

    Sploosh, and shut up. Phrasing

  7. ClayGuitarra says:

    Yes,Pam is ridiculous,and here’s a quick query:
    Have you ever met anyone jacked up on blow who WASN’T chock full of ridiculous?You down a pan or two of cupcakes made from marching powder and it’ll have that effect on you!!
    Cherlene as a musician is GOLD,all because of who they have producing the music-Kevn Kinney of drivin’ n cryin’ fame/infamy…and,JLM tears the vocals UP on “Baby Please Don’t Go”
    Finally….YYYYYYYEEEEEEAAHHHHHHHH,at least 2 more years of ARCHER!!!DIG!

  8. John says:

    This article made my day. This season has been a huge drag…not terrible…but not Archer.

  9. Shayde says:

    I don’t care where they take the show, as long as it’s as insanely funny as it has been since the first episode.

  10. Cowboyup says:

    I was hoping they were going to do a TopGun episode and not just a 30 second Archer delusional drunkfest on a kiddie ride.
    All in all though I’m a huge fan of Archer and have never missed an episode.

  11. sapphyredragon says:

    I also don’t really care too much what they do, I know it’ll be awesome. I would kinda like Pam to stop being ridiculous, though. I thought they were leaning toward making her act normal after her heart-to-heart (sort of) with Archer a few episodes ago. 🙁
    But two more seasons of Archer?? Wooo! *fist pump*

  12. Brent Bunsen says:

    is selling cocaine how you get ants Barry?

    Yes it is other Barry..

  13. Kris says:

    I Love Archer! I don’t care what they do, just keep it on the air! Funniest Show Ever!!!

  14. Peero says:

    Conway Stern. It’s not even his real name. I love him. Too bad he lost his hand. But stem cell research has done wonders. Along with Venture Bros, and Ugly Americans Archer is some of the best writing and production out there

  15. Barry says:

    I had something for this…

  16. suzi says:

    Personally I’m loving the tangent, it keeps the show fresh and funny.
    Yeah I had to read it twice when it said “selling coke” cos unless Pam’s putting money in a jar they’ve not sold much. If any.
    I’d love to see Conway Stern return!! I hate Barry lol but he was always good for a laugh.
    Tho I’d like them to keep Cherlene’s career as a country star a theme cos that’s brilliant!!

  17. ijirashiijack says:

    i hope they bring back Brett. well as in bring back as in shot his dead body with a ricochet and archer laughs.

  18. Rockiavelli says:

    Pam was ALWAYS the hottest one.

  19. Dorf says:

    “Danger zone”

  20. MW says:

    I want to see what Katya is up to now that she’s head of the KGB.

  21. They need to KILL PAM! She has done NOTHING but steal coke ams get them in more trouble…. Kill that fat ugly bitch

  22. Boris says:

    I can’t wait for the postpartum Lana. Thank you animator of Lana.

  23. Cherlene says:

    You’re not my supervisor!

  24. zach says:

    “selling an entire ton of cocaine”

    Have you even been watching Archer? They either lose it or eat it.

  25. Sanity says:

    I think they should take a season to do an A-Team gig.

  26. Sweet Lou says:

    No, kill off Barry ASAP.

  27. Randy says:

    It’s a metric tonne, for Christ’s sake.

  28. jon roberts says:

    @ dgefl… yeah, I’d like to know what happened to Conway Stern, and whats going on with those ODIN dicks….

  29. Chairface Chippendale says:

    Bring back Barry!

  30. DHefl says:

    I’ve personally loved the Archer:Vice angle to liven things up, but it will be good to see where they take the show next. With two seasons guaranteed, I’d even be interested to see if they do a multi-season arc and bring back some one-off characters for bigger roles.

  31. David B says:

    Yay more spy and less cocaine cupcakes hopefully Pam stays hot though she deserves it after all the hell she has taken

  32. Bickleton Wigglesworth III says:

    bring back “phrasing”.