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Apple Officially Acquires BEATS BY DR. DRE for $3 Billion

The rumor that was hot enough to get Jessica Chobot spitting hot fire like Dylan has been confirmed: Apple has officially acquired Beats Electronics for an “X-plosive” $3 Billion. See what I did there?

This means that Apple will claim ownership of both the lucrative Beats headphone line, as well as the up and coming new Beats music streaming service. Dr. Dre will not only go on to become the first billionaire hip hop artist in history, but he also, along with Beats co-owner Jimmy Iovine, will officially become an employee under the Apple umbrella.

Many tech enthusiast are dumbfounded by Apple’s purchase, claiming that the Beats brand fails to bring anything innovative to an ever-growing and remunerative world of audio technology. But despite the doubts of many, it’s hard to deny the outreach and relevance of the Beats brand. And if anyone knows how fast the headphone line is flying off store shelves first hand, it’s Apple, with an immense amount of Beats sales being made through Apple retailers across the nation.

What do you think about Apple’s megaton purchase? Does the pairing of Beats and Apple bringing music to your ears sound like music to your ears? Drop a line or two about the matter in the comments like it “ain’t nothing but a G thang.” Now let’s just hope there’s no shortage of clever celebratory tweets from the Beats twitter account over the next couple of days like this one:


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  1. Three Toes of Fuy says:

    its a financially sound purchase (pun intended)  however the technology purchased is FAR inferior to what it could be,  what it should be,  and what it costs the consumer.     I view that as a step backwards against Apple’s historically stance on the technology it distributes.   

    Peace .n. Think Different…listen to mediocre.


  2. Shayde says:

    Now Apple knows what it is like to pay way too much for an iPod accessory!

  3. bastien says:

    Apple makes overly expensive computers and phones that are feature poor but are considered stylish. Beats makes overly expensive headphones that are feature poor but are considered stylish. It’s a match made in too much money heaven.