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Another Trailer For Pixar’s “Brave”

Hey, here’s another trailer for Pixar’s next one, Brave. There’s a little more of the storyline in this one, a little more of Merida’s family, and lots of the requisite scenery and action that tells you who made this one without the need to spell it out with the names of other movies they’ve made (but they do that anyway). It’s light on specifics, but that hardly matters for a Pixar movie, I suppose.

It comes out June 22nd. Gonna go?

(There are a couple of versions of this posted around the Net, some calling it Trailer #3, some calling it Trailer #4. They’re the same one, though. Call it Trailer #4, give-or-take….)

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  1. Tanya says:

    Wait, what? Cam, my mind also goes directly to wishes for a Pixar version of “The Wee Free Men” when I see trailers for “Brave.” This doesn’t seem to be a Pixar version, but I REALLY hope it will be. I think only they could do justice to Pratchett’s wonderful work.

  2. Cam says:

    LooKs great for both my 11 and 9 yr old girls and me. But What we really want to see is a Pixar trilogy of pratchetts wee free men; halfway through this post I googled it and what do you know, there is one in 2013, hope it is at least Half as good ad the books

  3. Kari2171 says:

    At least this trailer looks a little less like Mulan set in Scotland.

  4. Abbey says:

    My main disinterest in this movie comes for all the weird “girl power” articles I have been seeing. I don’t know how to explain it elegantly, but it just puts a bad taste in my mouth. Which is a shame because it’s does look like a beautiful piece of animation, with plenty of humor, drama, and action It’s just…I don’t know.

    I am still going to watch it though.

  5. Andrew says:

    I’d love to take my girls to see this, but it seems aimed at >4 year olds, maybe in a few years time!

  6. Tom Triumph says:

    When I write “palpable lack of interest in this one” I mean by many, many people. Not just here.

    I’m curious if others sense that. And why.

  7. Tom Triumph says:

    I’m curious about the tone I’m getting from this entry. There seems to be an entire story as to why you don’t seem interested in this movie. Is it Pixar burnout? Scottish clan burnout? Is it trying too hard to be girl-breaking-from-stereotype thing? Perhaps it’s too reminiscent of Secret of the Kells? I know Cars 2 left a Pixar stench for me. I’d like to know more because there seems to be a palpable lack of interest in this one.

    Time Magazine’s “Pixar’s Girl Story” (I was in a dentists’ office) kind of turned me off to it. It seems like it will be muddled, but I have to bring my kids to something. Check out the article.