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Another Change* In The “Star Wars” Blu-ray Set

Let’s not get into the whole George Lucas Star Wars Blu-Ray thing here for now, okay? Yes, he made some changes; yes, there are changes to the audio that may strike you as upsetting; yes, it’s causing some people a great deal of angst. But Patton Oswalt tweeted a link to one of the most egregious changes in the Blu-Ray edition:

Blame Lucas… okay, maybe this one’s on Gerry Duggan. And the joke’s pretty much all there right in the beginning, but it’s all only a few seconds more than a minute, so stop complaining. Anyway, if you’re among the upset, or if you think Lucas can keep tinkering with his creation, or if you’re like me, don’t have a Blu-ray player and plan to happily ignore the whole thing, you can post your innermost feelings in the comments here.

*not really

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  1. Jay Hernandez says:

    Jesus calm down, if these were really the best thing about your childhood or even made it, then you would have the VHS and a player or original DVD copies, idiots.

  2. miko says:

    *too embarrased

  3. miko says:

    OK, I’m 40 years old, and have seen all 6 episodes in the theaters. I have no problems with him changing things to try to help the movies not feel so dated. There have always been cheesy parts. I didn’t mind the original ROTJ with old Anakin appearing at the end. However when ROTJ was rereleased on DVD, after the prequels were made, not only shouldn’t he have changed it to Hayden C., he should have taken Anakin out all together. Are we to accept that after Anakin killed over a dozen younglings, that all was to be forgiven!?! He belongs in Jedi hell! …and yes I am a grown man(to embarassed to use his real name or email) 8^)

  4. Pedak says:

    Lucas might be the only person in history where I would shake his hand while kicking him in the balls.

  5. Hickspy says:

    I don’t have a blu-ray player, so I’ll care less come probably Monday.

  6. jc says:

    Looks like im the only one who doesn’ t have a problem with this. Like the last post read, ill buy it anyway, and if i want to be nostalgic, i’ll fire up the vhs and pop the original tapes in.

    As far as the “Frankenstein” tribute as Vader is revealed in costume at the end of ROTS, the only thing I would change would be a lot more Force- destruction and stuff flying around, being crushed, and when Vader howls “nooooooooo”, i’d have him drop to all fours and pound the floor or something. I mean, its a “Planet of the Apes” Statue of Liberty moment. The guys has just been punked by his best friend, burned to a crisp, killed his wife and kid, and been enslaved by this creepy old guy who dresses in drag and acts very interested in EVERYTHING about Anakin. I think the howl is appropriate.

  7. jack says:

    what is all this BS about “Han shot first?” Han is the ONLY one who shot…

  8. I’m pretty certain a little bit of my soul died when Lucas edited Hayden Christensen into the end of Return of the Jedi. I now refuse to watch it when it airs on Spike.

  9. willis says:

    Umm…yeah some changes. The funny thing is most of the people complaining are probably the same that own every version of this and will be going to see these in 3D when there all re-released again. No matter either buy it or dont, they’ll be enough that do, by summer of 2012 you’ll be buying the extended editions on blu-ray because some how they’ll find some footage they left off and you’ll be dropping another $100…you just got nerdisted!!!!!

  10. Mark says:

    Wouldn’t it be a scream if after Lucas makes all these new changes that fans hate, when the Blu-ray comes out we discover that he also changes it so that Han shoots first again?

    Would all be forgiven?

  11. Kierstyn says:

    Am I alone in finiding it funny that there was an add for “Carbonite Online Backup” after the scene wherein our Star Wars heroes are attempting to save Han Solo who is frozen in…. carbonite?


  12. eric says:

    I took my old VHS editions (pre-1997) and transferred them to DVD long ago. What if Picasso saw fit to go back and retouch paintings he had done earlier in his career? They’d be worthless now. I mean, how contemptuous can you get of your fans?

  13. joe says:

    I’m still not sure who shoots first, but I think it might have been Nice Guy Eddie.

  14. Reed says:

    OK, I’ll bite… Nobody replies to anybody else on here anyway.

    – Here’s the thing. The “NOOOO” is stupid, yes. But, when we really step back and get some perspective, isn’t Darth Vader a kind of cheesy, overdramatic villain anyway? Reaching out with a fist and monologuing about ruling the galaxy… Evil without purpose… Cliche and cheesy, but great. The “NOOOO” only bugs us, because we haven’t come to terms with that particular ounce of cheesiness over the past 30 years.

    – And let’s expand this. The scene in Return Of The Jedi, after Luke talks to Leia about being siblings, and her line, “But WHY must you face him?” and it’s one of the cheesiest things ever. Some 100% original stuff is equally as cringe-worthy as the new additions.

    – The original Krayt Dragon scream was changed for the special edition to sound more sinister, but nobody gave Lucas credit for that. This one actually sounds more like the original (admittedly, with a weird crappy sound mix).

    – Ewoks blinking? So what. It doesn’t look bad, and it does help them look a bit less stiff. Purely cosmetic.

    – On the overall principle of Lucas tinkering with the films in themselves… Well, I can’t really argue with that, in the big picture. However, consider this: With most classic films, you can ONLY find extended cuts nowadays. Those aren’t so criticized… In fact, it’s seen as a more specialized release of the film… But ultimately, it does sometimes upset the balance that made the film great to begin with, simply by making it longer. Yet a die-hard fan is generally happy to have more of that world to see.

    That’s why I’ve undertaken the task of becoming a full, reformed Star Wars apologist. I love the world. The Clone Wars show is actually pretty damn good, if you see it for what it is (young adult media, much like the prequels but a bit better). I had my whole anti-Lucas phase, but I got married, settled down, and stopped caring about being cool. I caught up on Star Wars comics and books (the Legacy series is pretty fantastic). My wife and I actually started a Star Wars Saga Edition RPG with some friends (our first RPG experience ever). And, I recently realized: Wow, I’m happier than ever. As a kid, Star Wars was always there… And as a kid, I didn’t care about the philosophical implications of whether Han shot first. I just liked watching the movies. Now, when I see past the bad direction (which was always there, we were just too young to notice), dumb jokes (which were always there, we were just too young to notice, and the incongruous effects (which were… well, you get the picture)… I see that world, and I quite enjoy it.

    So, there you have it. The defense rests.

  15. Rene says:

    5 bucks to the next guy who can cut together scenes of C3PO and R2D2 with “California Girls” dubbed over it.

  16. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Han shoots first!!!!

  17. Ryan Kladar says:


  18. Ryan Kladar says:

    It’s ironic that the only change I agree with is the CGI Yoda in TPM. But the prequels were never made/do not exist/are fan fiction so it doesn’t even matter. What’s with CGI eyes on the ewok? and changing things like the the dragon call and the Nooo’s just doesn’t make much sense to me. Not gonna buy this one. They didn’t even put the “Luke New Lightsaber Scene” in that was revealed at Celebration 5. That would have been a really cool addition.

  19. Adam says:

    Lando knows all about that.

  20. Star Wars fanboi says:

    oh god no my childhood has been ruined/raped forever AGAIN